2019 NYC Marathon Training: Week 5 of 17

Week 5 in my marathon training happened a month ago but I am writing about it now! Rest assured, I’ve been running more than I’ve been writing lately. Still playing catch up over here.

I am following the 17-week marathon training plan of my awesome running club the New York Harriers. Their training plans are only available to members and, although I’ll be writing about it here, please know that my plan is specific to me and wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone. Also, I’m choosing how many miles to run before and after my speed/tempo workouts and on my easy days, so some of it I’m making up as I go.

All of my strength training and yoga is my choosing (not in the plan) and I’ll link to every routine I do. They’re all free! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE free things!

I caught a small bug at the beginning of week 5. It was unusual in that I was coughing up a little phlegm here and there but I didn’t really feel sick. In the past, when I come down with something, I’m really sick for a few days and can’t do anything. With this, I had some phlegm and fatigue, but my nose and throat were okay. I assumed some of my fatigue was caused by the heat and humidity, but I think it was also due to whatever I had, which I am pretty sure I caught from my nephew. Luckily he’s cute so I wasn’t too mad.

IMG_8899 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 5

WEEK 5: August 5 – 11

Monday: Upper body strength (Fitness Blender: Bored Easily)
This is my go-to upper body workout – not too easy, not too hard, not too repetitive. Later this afternoon is when I started feeling super sluggish while walking and wondered if I was coming down with something.

Tuesday: Yoga (Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Runners)
I normally run on Tuesdays but I felt run-down this morning so I decided to play it safe. Still didn’t feel sick-sick, just needed extra rest today so I did some easy yoga. This yoga routine has some great stretches for runners.

Wednesday: Intervals (6 miles total inc. 2 x 800 / 2 x 400 / 2 x 200) 
I still felt tired and phlegmy so I slept in a bit, missing my usual morning workout with my running club. Instead, I did the workout later that morning on my own, but I cut it in half. I was really low on energy and I couldn’t run the speeds I was supposed to.

Thursday: EZ (7.36 miles @ 9:43 pace) /// Upper body strength (Fitness Blender: Tank Top Arms)
I felt okay today, running this easy run slightly faster than the norm. And this is a short & sweet upper body workout.

Friday: Tempo (7.9 miles total inc. 25 min. tempo @ 8:13 pace) /// Lower body strength (Fitness Blender: Squats & Deadlifts)
Tempo run with the Harriers. I ran alongside fellow Harrier Rick for this tempo; he usually runs about my pace. This tempo went a lot better than the one I ran alone the week before. I think running with someone else helps sometimes. And I felt okay, even if I had to stop to cough up phlegm a couple of times.

Saturday: EZ (9 miles @ 9:58 pace)
Nice and easy run up to the Little Red Lighthouse today. I was going to do 8 miles but the journey was almost 9 so I figured I’d make it an even 9. The temps were in the mid 60s today, a welcome change.

Sunday: Long Run (14 miles @ 10:07 pace)
Today I decided to stick to the softer ground of the Central Park bridle path that runs right outside of the reservoir. I got on the path in mile 4 and stayed there for a good 8.5 miles before heading home. I don’t think I’ve ever run on the path for as long as I did today. I reversed course a few times so it wasn’t so monotonous. It was in the mid 60s this morning again which felt amazing. I still wore a sports bra, of course, as I’ve been wearing them all summer. It’s gotten to the point where I think wearing a shirt again is going to annoy me. (Above photo from Sunday.)


So just five days of running this week, but that’s okay – I’ve decided to go from running six days a week to five. I’ll still keep to the same weekly mileage in the plan, just run more each day. I think having two days off each week might be good for me.


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