My Favorite Fitness Blender Workouts

[Salt-N-Pepa voice] Let’s talk about strength-train-ing!

Is that reference too old? If so, wonderful.

I’ve been doing a lot of strength training, HIIT, and cardio workouts over the past few weeks to make up for the running I haven’t been doing. Weights, lunges, burpees, squat jumps, boxer shuffles, deadlifts, and ab work have dominated my mornings as of late.

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Hand Socks & Foot Pain

I did not write a post this weekend. I was busy. Or rather, I chose to make time for other things over writing. Which happens sometimes and that’s okay!

I had some trouble running on Saturday. It was about 17 degrees, which wasn’t even where the trouble was. Actually, one positive thing about that run was that I wore mittens for the first time! Only they weren’t mittens – they were socks. Two pairs of warm, winter socks I never wear on my feet but for some reason own.

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Once You Know You Can, You Will (or How I’ve Gotten Faster After 40)

I almost forgot I have a race this week: a local Thanksgiving Day 4-miler. I ran it last year. It was the first race I had run in a long time. I think the last race I had run before that was an untimed Color Run 5K in Brooklyn in 2014, and that was only because a friend persuaded me to do it with her.

Another thing I forgot was to take a post-run picture this morning. So here is a picture of an inflated turkey outside Macy’s I walked under on my way to work this morning. This is my post-run picture for the day.

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The Road Not (Usually) Taken

Maybe as a result of yesterday’s food overindulgence – whether the emotional guilt or the extra physical energy from all the calories or both – I did two workouts today.

I normally run on Sundays, but it was raining this morning and I really hate running in the rain. I just don’t want to have to worry about my phone or earphones. And running without gear, while entirely possible, is just mmmmmmmmmno. I’m a spoiled brat who needs that stuff. I also hate wet squishy shoes.

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Why I Am Doing This

I just did a li’l old 3.18 mile run this morning. I overslept and got up at 6:15. SO LATE. I only had time for a shorty. Wait, can I use “shorty” to mean “short run?” I guess I just did.

I thought my post-run picture would be of my new leggings. The brand is Moret Ultra, a company that is not paying me to write this. I’m used to plain old boring running tights, and the three pairs I bought over the weekend have cool little designs on them. Simple designs, though. Nothing crazy. I am a very plain dresser. I hate patterns and do not own any clothing with patterns. They make me dizzy. So for me, this is really LIVING IT UP.

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