R.I.P. Saki (2006-2018)

Warning: this is a non-running-related post, and also sad.

Earlier today I had to make the excruciating decision to put down one of my dogs. Saki had been my mom’s dog – I adopted both him and MacGregor after my mom passed away last year. Literally the only thing she cared about as her condition grew worse was that her dogs were kept together and looked after. There would be no giving them to a shelter or splitting them up. So that was that – her dogs became my own.

But my mom didn’t choose Saki. He chose her.

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‘Twas the Run Before Christmas

This morning I ran a good old 10 miles on my good old route around good old Northport.

I love running on weekends because not only can I run after the sun is up, I don’t have to rush to catch a train. It’s so leisurely. It’s also Christmas Eve, and I honestly love running on or close to holidays when hardly anyone is out driving. Christmas is not only my favorite holiday, it’s my favorite day to run. In fact, I only did 10 miles today – instead of going longer than last week’s 12 – so I’d have some energy left to run tomorrow.

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When You Gotta Go…

I’ve been doing so much lately that I haven’t even posted about yesterday’s run. It was one of my slowest runs of the past few months. But I was okay with that.

Before I get to that, please enjoy some pics I took during the first snow of the season (on Long Island, anyway). I normally post nice pics on instagram but I’ll post some on here too every now and then. I can do what I want!

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Mini Boomboxes and Major Pancakes

My old Jabra headphones are DEAD. Done. Kaput. I charged them after yesterday’s run but when I went to check on them last night, the charging light wasn’t on. So I figured, okay, I won’t have headphones for this morning’s 10 miler. I realized that I could still play music from my phone – it just wouldn’t be going directly in my ears.

So that’s exactly what I did. I blasted one of my running playlists right from my phone on my arm, like a mini boombox, for 10 miles. And it was great! I didn’t mind it at all – until I got home and realized that the high volume I had it set on drained almost my entire battery. So I may not do it all the time, but every now and then, it might be fun to skip the headphones and entertain passersby with Nine Inch Nails and Madonna and Billy Idol and my eclectic mix of 80s pop.

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