Happy Trails to New: Rob’s Run 5K Race Recap

This past holiday weekend marked a series of milestones: my first sub-8:00 race pace (not counting the Northport Nautical Mile I did in June), first time running two races in one week, first trail race, first race without headphones. And, now that I think about it, first Thanksgiving without my mom. It’s so weird when life changes, but I guess that’s just what life does.

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Breaking (8:00) Bad(ly): Veteran’s Day 4K Race Recap

Today I ran my very first cross country race! I wasn’t 100% sure I’d run it up until about 40 minutes before I left because last night my left hip started being weird. I haven’t gotten hip soreness in a while, but perhaps a combination of foam rolling in recent days (which I haven’t been doing THAT much of but also I am new to it?) and an intense HIIT/cardio workout yesterday did something to make my hip… weird. Maybe I wouldn’t even say “sore.” It wasn’t like I was in pain, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure I wanted to push it.

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