2018: The Stats

One year ago, just a few months into the existence of this blog, I posted about my stats from 2017. I thought it would be a nice tradition to do this every year. I like stats!

I’d only had my Garmin for a short time last year so last year’s post was based on stats from MapMyRun. This year, I’ve worn my Garmin all year (even to sleep) so this time I have lots of fun graphs that have tracked my running, sleeping, and steps. One nice feature is the ability to compare yourself against the entire Garmin community or simply by gender and/or different age groups.

In looking back at last year’s post, my goals for 2018 were to run more races and to smash all of my PRs. I had just gotten back into racing in the summer of 2017, so I easily achieved these things. I ran 16 races in 2018 and I think I PR’d in all of them. I can’t say this trend will continue every single year (I mean, it has to stop at some point unless I am a robot) but 2018 was a great year for me as a runner.

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The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: A Look Back at 2017

I suppose there’s really no better time to come down with a cold than the week between Christmas and New Year’s, when time doesn’t seem to exist and, as I tweeted a few days ago, it feels like you’re living inside an instantaneous moment like when Jodie Foster fell through the wormhole machine in Contact. You know when she visits her dad on the weird planet with the backwards tide but later it’s revealed she never left the launching pad? That’s now. We’re in that. Time is meaningless, space is nonexistent, and, even if we explained what transpired this week to anyone outside of it (which is no one and everyone), they wouldn’t believe us – for to them, this week never took place.

Maybe I’ve been cooped up inside for too long.

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