Giving It My Almost: 2018 Ted Corbitt 15K Race Recap

Last year’s Ted Corbitt 15K was not my first NYRR race, but it was my first NYRR race in 18 years. I still have trouble believing that, but it’s true. The last NYRR race I had done was a 5K on Halloween 1999 called “Not Quite the NYC Marathon.” I finished in 27:21. Not bad, but a few minutes slower than what I’d be capable of in my 40s. But of course I didn’t know that yet.

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Hand Socks & Foot Pain

I did not write a post this weekend. I was busy. Or rather, I chose to make time for other things over writing. Which happens sometimes and that’s okay!

I had some trouble running on Saturday. It was about 17 degrees, which wasn’t even where the trouble was. Actually, one positive thing about that run was that I wore mittens for the first time! Only they weren’t mittens – they were socks. Two pairs of warm, winter socks I never wear on my feet but for some reason own.

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Layers Gonna Lay: First Run of 2018

I’m back, baby!

While I’m still not 100% without-a-cold, my stuffy nose and phlegm-hocking (sorry) is mostly confined to the morning. My energy is almost completely back. My muscles are well-rested, and aching for me to use them again. I’d be afraid to competitively run a race at this point, but a slow 3 mile jog? Bring it.

And 13º weather? BRING IT.

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