2019: The Stats

Hey, it’s still January! So it’s still okay to post about what happened last year!

I wrote a “2018: The Stats” post last year and have been meaning to write a similar one. I got so bogged down in my NYC Marathon recap that I kept putting off writing this post. I don’t know how interesting this stuff is, but why not stick with tradition? Also, I like stats.

I keep track of my activity in a few ways:

  • Garmin: I’ve been using a Garmin Forerunner 630 since late 2017. Every run gets recorded on it. I keep track of shoe mileage and my weight on the app. My watch also tracks my steps and my sleep. I like Garmin.
  • MapMyRun: I starting using this in 2014 and it was how I tracked runs before Garmin. Now it transfers my Garmin data but I don’t use it for much else, except for some stats and occasionally to see what my friend Scott is doing.
  • Strava: I signed up for Strava in 2018 but didn’t pay it much attention until a few months ago. It has much of the same data as MapMyRun but I find it more intuitive, more pleasing to look at, and most of my running friends are on it (not Scott). They give me kudos and that makes me feel good.
  • My own spreadsheet: Since July 2018, I’ve kept track of every run, strength workout, swim, and yoga routine in an Excel spreadsheet. I started doing this after I used the NYRR Virtual Trainer to train for the 2018 NYC Marathon and wanted a place where I could store my records myself, not just rely on a website or app. I really love this method. I make tabs for each training/recovery season and keep track of miles, pace, shoe mileage, strength workouts, swimming, even the weather on the days I run. I just like having all of this info handy. Someday it will turn me into a millionaire. I’m just not sure how.

In 2019, I:

  • took 7,071,814 steps (up from 6,544,751 in 2018!)
  • ran 1533.09 miles (about the distance from NYC to Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
  • burned 155,952 calories running
  • spent 249 hours and 57 minutes running
  • ran 14 races (and PR’d in 4)
  • ran 1 great marathon
  • ran 1 terrible marathon
  • did 98 upper body strength workouts
  • did 63 lower body strength workouts
  • got into a swimming pool 21 times
  • ran on the AlterG 5 times
  • did 45 Yoga with Adriene routines 
  • entered a new age group!


Last year, I was able to see how I compared to all other runners on Garmin; this year it looks like you can only compare yourself against specific age groups. So I’ll compare myself against my own.

I still ran father than 99% of them.

2019 Distance Stats W45-49 IMG_3072

I spent more time running than 91% of them.

2019 Duration Stats W45-49 IMG_3073

But 14% are faster than me.

2019 Pace Stats W45-49 IMG_3074

Last year I ran faster than only 80% of my age group. So they’re slowing down, I’m speeding up, or both.

I was curious as to how I stacked up against the fastest age group: 18-24 men. I’m faster than 36% of them. Wow. And I’m… oh god, I just realized this. I’m old enough to be their mom.

2019 Pace to 18-24 Males IMG_3076

Old enough. To be. Their mom.

Anyway, last year that number was 34%. So maybe I’ve gotten slightly faster?

I am going to update this post tomorrow with my sleep and steps, but I had to get this out while it’s still January! So here it is, so far!

Pain Is A Gift: 2019 TCS NYC Marathon Race Recap

This race recap took me longer to write than any other I’ve done. It was a really hard training cycle and I even put off writing about training because I guess I don’t love writing about things that are bad? I should probably not be like that and also talk to my therapist and also get a therapist.

Anyway, I’m doing it now.

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2019 NYC Marathon Training: Week 16-17 of 17

Here we go. Last two weeks of “training.” I do not under any circumstances recommend doing any of the last few weeks of my “training.” Do not do this and think you are trained to run a marathon. You are not. I was battling plantar fasciitis for the last six weeks and did what I could. At the start of week 16, I honestly wasn’t even sure I was going to run the marathon.

(Spoiler: I did.)

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2019 NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 13-15 of 17

I have been dragging my heels getting the last of these training posts up! Wait, is this why my heels have been sore? I’ll knock out these last training posts so I can finally get to my marathon recap, which is already long overdue. I swear it will be done by Christmas. No, Christmas Eve.

Once again, for the sake of being a completist, I will write out my workouts and link to anything I can. This schedule is not what I would recommend at all for marathon training, but it was all I could do given the situation. I really, really wanted to run this marathon.

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Grimace and Bear It: 2019 Great Cow Harbor 10K Race Recap

Hooo boy it’s been twelve years since I ran this race I’m about to recap! Wait, no… hold on… it’s been eight weeks. That’s it? It feels like twelve years. Weird.

I’ve apologized for being behind on this blog. I hope everyone knows how sorry I am by now. The funny thing is, once I start writing I LOVE it and I’m like, why did I not want to write? I love to write! What’s my problem? Still trying to figure that one out but I’ll be sure to update everyone once I do!

Anyway, let’s get to this favorite race of mine: The Great Cow Harbor 10 Kilometer Run in my lovely childhood hometown of Northport, Long Island.

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2019 NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 10-12 of 17

Updating this blog really shot all the way down on my list of priorities these past couple of months. I didn’t intend it to. I started feeling discouraged with my training and usually felt like I had more important things to worry about than writing. Also, maybe not writing was a way to avoid having to face my discouragments. This was probably the opposite of how I should have (and how I wish I had) handled it, which would have been to embrace the situation and face my fears head on.

As a young Canadian named Alanis once said, you live, you learn.

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Just Beat It: 2019 5th Avenue Mile Race Recap

The 2019 New Balance 5th Avenue Mile happened so long ago, but that is my theme this fall: Better late than never. It’s a solid theme and I’ve been very consistent with it.

I ran this race last year so when it came time to sign up for 2019 NYRR races, I figured I’d run it again. Not that I trained for it; I’d spent the summer marathon training, not mile training. The only recent fast mile I’d run was another mile race: June’s Northport Downhill Mile, where I ran a PR of 6:35. Although that race had no starting mat and a wonky start, so I don’t know if I should even count that as an official time.

I know 6:35 is pure easy jogging pace for some folk, but please know that I am a middle-aged lady who moves her legs for fun, and that’s probably as good as it’s going to get for me these days. As someone who ran 5Ks in her 20s at a 9:30 pace, I’m not apologizing.

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