Run the ‘Run for the Health of It’ 5K on 5.11.19

Hello! This morning I ran for the first time since Sunday’s NJ Marathon: 4.72 miles at an eeeasy pace. I’m back, baby! I’ve been feeling eager to get back into it since Wednesday but wanted to give myself a solid five days off.

Monday was the only day I was too sore to run – I spent most of the day limping and avoiding stairs. By Tuesday the limp was gone. I’ve had a bit of a tight left hamstring, but not much else to complain about. I’m kind of shocked at how good I feel.

Now that I’m done with the NJ Marathon, I’m putting my focus on my next race: the Run for the Health of It 5K in Northport, NY (my hometown!) on Saturday, May 11th. Northport is a lovely, quaint, nautical village on the north shore of Long Island. It is also where I spent much of my childhood. I lived there again from December 2016 to May 2018 to help take care of my mom at the end of her life.

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So You Didn’t Get Into the NYC Marathon

Now what?

First of all, if you submitted to the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon lottery, you are one among a record 117,709 applicants. Note that this is not the total number of people hoping to run the race, only the number of people who submitted through the lottery. It does not include runners guaranteed entry through time qualifying standards, charity fundraising, the 9+1 program, international tour operators, completion of 15 or more NYC marathons, virtual races, or those who cancelled in 2018 and chose to run this year instead.

It’s just the number of runners who submitted via lottery.

If you did not get in through the lottery this year, count yourself among 107,999 applicants who were rejected, as only 10,510 runners were accepted. That’s 8.93% of those who submitted. Trust me. I did the math on my phone calculator, which is never wrong.

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In Lieu of a Gift for My Not Getting Married, Please Donate to Cancer Research

I have no plans to get married. Ever.

I have nothing against the institution of marriage. I think it’s a lovely thing when it works. I’m just not… interested. I don’t think it’s for me. Same goes for romantic relationships in general. I am serious. I think I’m done. I’ve been single for almost four years and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier. I like this life. I do what I want, when I want, and never have to consult with anyone about what to have for dinner. The only splayed limbs in my bed are my own. Also, loneliness seems to be a foreign feeling to me. I like hanging out with myself.

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A Lot of Cool News

Hey, it’s my 100th post!

I would not have guessed I’ve written 100 posts on this blog. I only know because the stats tell me. Otherwise I might have guessed I’d written maybe 50, 60? Acknowledging my 100th post feels both celebratory and arbitrary. Like, it’s cool, but also Neil deGrasse Tyson would probably wrinkle his nose at the whole thing. He’d say I might as well celebrate my 268th post – they’re both just numbers, equally likely to be randomly generated as any other.

Well, to hell with your killjoy theories, Neil deGrasse Tyson. I’m celebrating it.

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