800 Repeats & Also Worms

This will be just be a quick post about this morning’s track work at my good old alma mater, Northport High. I drove there and back, something I don’t normally do as the track is only a 11 or 12 minute run from home. But I’ve decided that, at least for the remaining time I’m living here, I want to take advantage of my time and energy on speed work days and use them for the actual speed work itself.

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All Shook Up

For the first time in my life, I have an annual mileage goal. It’s 1500 miles. This is almost double what I did last year, so it’s ambitious – but not crazy, and not impossible. In order to stay on top of my progress, at the start of each month I would like to announce my previous month’s mileage.

To run 1500 miles in a year, I need to average 28.84 miles a week, or, if I divide it by months (which seems easier to me), 125 miles a month.

In January, I ran… [drum roll]…

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Faster, Pussycat!

Ah, speed work Wednesdays! The tough yet delicious meat in a long run sandwich.

I almost didn’t run this morning. I can’t tell if I have seasonal allergies or I’m coming down with something. I don’t feel SICK, just a bit OFF. I also haven’t slept much the last two nights, and my right hamstring is a little tight. So naturally I decided I was fine and headed out toward the high school track.

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Back on Track

Wednesdays have typically been my speed work days. I like having a set routine where I do the same things on the same days every week. It’s easier to remember what I’m doing, I don’t have to think too much, and it makes it a lot easier to not skip a specific workout. Sometimes being boring is good!

For a while I was going to my old high school track and doing fast/slow 200s or 400s. Then I read something that suggested not doing speed work on a track, so last week I did it on roads. THEN I read something that said doing speed work on BOTH a track and on roads was okay, and because I am very susceptible to things I read, this morning I decided to head back to the track.

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September 20, 2017

Do I HAVE to have a title on these posts? I hate coming up with them. Okay, it’s settled: no titles. Maybe just the date. The date will be the title. Glad I figured this out!

I started doing “speed work” a few months ago, and I usually do it Wednesdays. I put “speed work” in quotes because it’s not SUPER intensive, and also I still have this hang up that I’m slow and always will be (even though I’ve seen my pace increase this past summer). Continue reading “September 20, 2017”