My Foot Hurts and It Sucks

I ran my standard 4+ mile route this morning. My foot was okay at first but then slowly started feeling wonky again. That warm, tingly feeling in the upper ball of my foot – there it was again, although not as bad as on Saturday.

This sucks balls. I know it’s not the end of the world if I have to not run for a few days. It’s the whole unpredictability of the thing. What if I had a race scheduled for tomorrow? What if it was the MARATHON that I have already talked so much about even though it’s 9 months away? I know there’s no way to 100% guarantee I won’t be sick or injured prior to a race. I just wish I knew why this was happening and how to prevent it and how never ever to have any problems with my body in any way whatsoever for the rest of my time on Earth. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

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Hand Socks & Foot Pain

I did not write a post this weekend. I was busy. Or rather, I chose to make time for other things over writing. Which happens sometimes and that’s okay!

I had some trouble running on Saturday. It was about 17 degrees, which wasn’t even where the trouble was. Actually, one positive thing about that run was that I wore mittens for the first time! Only they weren’t mittens – they were socks. Two pairs of warm, winter socks I never wear on my feet but for some reason own.

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Every Body Hurts, Sometimes

MY FOOT HURTS. This sucks. It’s not debilitating and it’s not what I would call “pain,” but it was uncomfortable enough walking that I didn’t run this morning. Instead I did a short but intense Fitness Blender cardio/weights workout with the word “brutal” in the title. I would have done it twice if I’d had enough time. I need to punish my body for sucking. This is a very healthy way to think and to live.

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