2021 NYC Marathon Training: Week 5

And then there was week 5.

Week 5 started out shaky, had a promising middle, and ended terribly. I suppose “terribly” is relative. I’m not injured, I can walk with zero issues, I still have food to eat and a roof over my head, and I think I’m mentally sound (although this is questionable). As far as marathon training goes, it was not a great week.

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The Beautiful Puzzle Of Marathon Training (And How Much I Miss It)

The fall marathon season is in full swing. Well, virtual marathon season. If you’re running a marathon this year, chances are the race will not be on a marked course with water stops, medical tents, and thousands of other runners. It will likely take place on a course of your choosing, at whatever time you want, over a specified range of dates. There won’t be water tables, gel stations, or free samples of Biofreeze. You will probably run it alone.

It won’t be the same. And I wish I was running one.

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2020 Boston Marathon Training: Week 3 of 12

Here is week 3 of my training for the Boston Marathon! At the end of this post I have a little story about a running route fail, which might be amusing to anyone who has ever run an unknown route for the first time.

Week 3 wasn’t initially supposed to be a down week, but after fatigue set in at the end of week 2, I decided to make it one. I only ran three times this week: a speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run at an easy pace. Plus a few strength training workouts. I’ll link to all of it below.

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