Superhero Sunday

I had a nice, productive Sunday, which is all I ever want in a Sunday. After spending Saturday doing a quick upper body workout, cleaning the house like crazy for a realtor to do a walk-through (both the inside and outside of the fridge and the freezer), and making a couple trips to the supermarket, I decided Sunday was to be for two things: cooking and running.

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Don’t Say I Want a Resolution: 2018 Goals

Like all other people with dreams and ambitions on the eve of a new year, I always have BIG GOALS. This is gonna be my year. Not like last year! This one’s gonna be different! Finally, I’m gonna DO IT. This is it. No more fooling around. HERE WE GO, NEW ME!!!

That’s the way we all think on December 31st, right?

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Achievement Unlocked: 2017 Townwide Fund of Huntington Thanksgiving Day 4 Mile Race Recap

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I started writing this post on Thanksgiving, and then I had to stop on account of all the food I had to shove in my face hole. Then I tried writing it on Friday, and I got caught up in other stuff. I think I was just tired. I’ve been sleeping a lot, like 7 hours a night. Which is a lot for me. Maybe the last few months of 4 and 5 hours a night are finally catching up with me.

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