The Grateful Alive

The snow that came down on Wednesday and Thursday was insane. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen that much snow fall from the sky within a 24 hour period, at least on Long Island. It started Wednesday morning on my way into the city and didn’t stop until after I got up before dawn the next morning and was outside for half an hour shoveling a path I’d already shoveled the night before that had gotten covered by what looked like two feet of snow overnight.

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The BombcycLone Runner

Thirteen minutes and thirty-four seconds.

That’s how long I lasted this morning running in the #bombcyclonepocalypse-snowrricane-stormofthemillennium. Honestly, the only thing that made me return home sooner than planned was the constant assault of ice flakes on my eyeballs. Other than that, it really wasn’t that bad. I might seem crazy, but I assure you there are crazier people out there. Have you seen twitter lately?

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Eye of a Tornado: 2017 Ted Corbitt 15K Race Recap

This morning’s Ted Corbitt 15K in Central Park could not have gone any better. With the exception of a couple very minor hiccups in my METICULOUSLY PLANNED PLANS, everything went well.

Heads up: this will be a long post and I took a LOT of pictures. Settle in. Grab a snack. Hell, grab dinner. We’re gonna be here a while.

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