Very Excellent Vegan (If You Want) Chili

I don’t have many recipes I can claim as my own – I am more recipe follower than recipe creator – but this might be the closest. I discovered the source a few years ago when I was searching online for a good vegan chili recipe. I’ve never fully been a vegan, but for years I preferred eating vegan protein at home as it just seemed healthier and also I hate touching raw meat.

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Weekly Challenge #1: No Chocolate

I have come to the conclusion that I have been eating too much chocolate. Although this always happens around Halloween, the past two months might as well have been an extended Halloween. Like the 12 Days of Christmas, only it’s the 60 Days of Halloween.

So for my first Weekly Challenge (a new thing I decided to start doing, just because), I will not eat any chocolate. I will do this for seven days and see how it goes.

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