Marathon Training: Week 8 Summary

Once again I am a week behind in posting my weekly summary. I always feel like I’m behind somewhere in my life. Maybe someday I’ll be all caught up for a blissful 24-hour period and finally understand what that feels like.

Week 8 marked the official halfway point in my 16-week NYRR Marathon Virtual Training Program. This is significant, as whenever I hit the halfway point on my longer runs, I think now I am closer to the end than I am to the beginning, and I start fantasizing about what I’m going to eat afterward. Have you ever trained for a race, gotten your eating really clean, and fantasized about what you’re going to eat after the race? Me, I’m thinking sausage pizza. A whole one. And cookies. Large cookies. And these peanut butter s’mores I found a picture of online after googling “food porn.”

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Marathon Training: Week 7 Summary

Week 7 was a HOT week. Literally. I sweat more in week 7 than maybe the previous six weeks combined. Luckily, it cooled off by the weekend. Unluckily, it’s hot again now in week 8.

But this post is all about week 7! I am following the 16-week NYRR Marathon Virtual Training Program in preparation for my first marathon on November 4th in NYC – just two months away! Gulp! Training is coming along great – I haven’t had any major aches or pains lately, KNOCK ON WOOD.

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