How to Get Your Ass Out of Bed

My running/blogging pal Chelsea over at The Dancing Runner recently posted something about how much she loves getting up early, which led me to think about how I love it too, which led me to write this post.

Some of you may not be morning people and do your best work at night. That’s great, and you should keep doing that if that works best for you. But for those who WANT to get out of bed in the morning but struggle with it, I thought I’d share my tips.

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Unbreakable: A Look Back at Three Years of Progress

It’s that time of year again: the time to reflect on the year past and evaluate how well you lived up to your expectations from this time last year, as well as look ahead and determine what you’d like to accomplish in the year to come. If you’re like me, you probably did not achieve all the things you wanted to. Which seems to happen every year. At least I’m consistent!

I thought about looking back to one year ago and seeing where I was, running-wise, and then remembered that I’ve been keeping track of my workouts for the past three and a half years – so maybe a dip farther into the archive would be fun.

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Why I Am Doing This

I just did a li’l old 3.18 mile run this morning. I overslept and got up at 6:15. SO LATE. I only had time for a shorty. Wait, can I use “shorty” to mean “short run?” I guess I just did.

I thought my post-run picture would be of my new leggings. The brand is Moret Ultra, a company that is not paying me to write this. I’m used to plain old boring running tights, and the three pairs I bought over the weekend have cool little designs on them. Simple designs, though. Nothing crazy. I am a very plain dresser. I hate patterns and do not own any clothing with patterns. They make me dizzy. So for me, this is really LIVING IT UP.

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September Workout Summary & Why I Don’t Go To The Gym

I’m still not sure if it’s fall allergies or a cold. My dad told me the pollen is bad lately, and he should know. It might be that. Either way, I woke up this morning with half a stuffed up nose and ultra tired. I’ve been getting about 5 to 6 hours of a sleep a night, which I can usually handle, but lately it feels like I need more.

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