Well, Red

I did not forget Selfie Sunday.

Changing your hair color after going through a major life change seems like such a hack premise at this point – if it were sketch comedy, the line “Get me the Jenkins file” would be its equivalent. But I like to do it anyway. Usually after breakups. Or when I move. I don’t always need a major life change to alter my hair. Sometimes I just feel like it.

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What Sunday Is For (Hint: It’s Pancakes)

Ah, my first Long Run Sunday in three weeks. The weather was perfect: low 50s, overcast, a cool breeze. I went out on the faster side, at about an 8:30 min/mile pace for the first mile – faster than I probably should have. I eventually settled into a slower rhythm because

  1. the bottom of my left foot started feeling weird about 5 miles in (it’s okay now)
  2. I ran a race yesterday
  3. it’s my long run and I shouldn’t really be trying to set a speed PR
  4. I can do what I want

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