A New Thing I’m Trying: More Protein, Bigger Breakfasts

I ran a few times in the last week and didn’t write about any of it! What is this blog coming to? I admit I feel stretched very thin lately – I’m trying to do too much, and when that happens, writing often takes a back seat to other priorities. Also, I tend to write these posts on my train rides into the city, and recently, all I want to do on the train is close my eyes.

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You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything

So glad I managed to get out the door early enough to do 6 miles this morning. I cut it close, but I made it to the train on time by not dilly-dallying after my shower, eating a quick breakfast of cereal and banana (sprinkled with 1/3 tbsp. of mini chocolate chips because I DO WHAT I WANT), and doing my makeup on the train. I know all the corners to cut. Continue reading “You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything”