Spring 2019 Marathon Fueling

I was going to just keep track of my fueling experiments in a spreadsheet, but I decided to turn it into a little old blog post. For the next four weeks leading up to the New Jersey Marathon, I’ll update this post every so often with how I’ve been fueling for my runs, what’s worked for me, and what hasn’t. Probably mostly on my long run days.

Fueling is a highly individual subject. There’s no one right way to do it. I see a lot of runners ask, “What should I eat before a race?” Well, that’s up to you. That’s just one of the things you need to figure out as you train. Experiment, try different things, and see what works.

For example, I once read that Ben True likes to eat six bagels before a race. (I don’t know if he still does.) Personally, this would not work for me. I would not eat six bagels before a race. I would not eat six bagels in one sitting, anytime, ever. But that’s just me.

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A New Thing I’m Trying: More Protein, Bigger Breakfasts

I ran a few times in the last week and didn’t write about any of it! What is this blog coming to? I admit I feel stretched very thin lately – I’m trying to do too much, and when that happens, writing often takes a back seat to other priorities. Also, I tend to write these posts on my train rides into the city, and recently, all I want to do on the train is close my eyes.

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You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything

So glad I managed to get out the door early enough to do 6 miles this morning. I cut it close, but I made it to the train on time by not dilly-dallying after my shower, eating a quick breakfast of cereal and banana (sprinkled with 1/3 tbsp. of mini chocolate chips because I DO WHAT I WANT), and doing my makeup on the train. I know all the corners to cut. Continue reading “You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything”