A Chili Is In the Air

I LOVE NEW STUFF. It’s so rare I get new stuff, let alone three new stuffs in one day.

I wore my new Saucony Guides today. They felt great. It’s been (gulp) a year since I replaced my running shoes. I know this is WAY too long. Don’t do this. Last year, I’d wanted to track my gear in mapmyrun, so the first day I ran in my new shoes I added them to the app. But I didn’t realize you had to manually select them every time you ran. So once I realized the app hadn’t tracked them for several runs, I gave up and never kept track.

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Nu Shooz

My mother gave me a gift card to Super Runners Shop for my birthday this year, which was in June, and I’m very excited to have finally stopped procrastinating and used it.

My last two pairs of running shoes were Sauconys and I’ve been really happy with them. For years before that, I was a Nike girl – mostly because I just liked the design. But a trip to a specialty running store a few years ago changed all that when the salesperson analyzed my feet and running style and determined that Sauconys were the way to go. (Apparently Nikes tend to run on the thinner side, while my feet tend to run on the wider side.)

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