Oops!… I Entered a Race

The good thing is much of yesterday’s snow has melted. Not all of it, but enough that the new spring plants are stubbornly poking through, determined to win the battle of the seasons. It’s still too cold for what April should feel like – it was in the low 30s for this morning’s run. Mitten weather. Goddamn mitten weather. On April 3rd. April 3rd should not be mitten weather.


Fine, they’re not mittens – they’re socks. Still.

The next few days’ temps look like 40s and 50s, although I see snow on the forecast for Monday, because it is going to keep snowing forever now. We all need to accept this as fact.

I felt good this morning. I’d added some new songs to a couple of my Spotify running playlists this past weekend, so that was nice. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel genuine excitement when I know I’m about to listen to songs I haven’t heard in a while. Even if it’s something I’ve heard a thousand times over the course of my lifetime, if I haven’t heard it in 3 or 4 months, sometimes that’s all it takes to elevate my mood. It’s the little things, folks.

I still haven’t gotten back into doing speed work or tempo runs of any kind. This morning I just kept it at a nice and steady 9:32 pace. Somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00 has become my sweet spot – I feel good there. Not too fast, not too slow. Just right. The Goldilocks Principle of pace. My knee isn’t giving me trouble, which is great. I still feel a slight tenderness there when I stretch, but it looks like I’ll be able to keep running without exacerbating it, which is all that matters.

So you know how some people go on half asleep late night buying sprees online? And only in the following morning’s bleary-eyed haze realize what they’ve done? I sort of did that the other night, only the thing I bought was an entry to a 10K race. And I wasn’t drunk, either. Just tired. And I totally forgot about it until yesterday.

So apparently I’ll be running a 10K in June! It will be in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in my old home borough of Queens; a “flat, fast” course according to NYRR’s website, and honest to god those two words clinched it for me. Flat and fast? When the only other 10K I’ve done required me to go up Northport’s James Street? Sounds good. Sign me up. (Which, as I mentioned, I did.)

I’m excited to get back into racing. I was sad to miss the last two races on my calendar due to my bum knee (or rather, the fear of making my bum knee worse) but luckily, it’s early in the season. I have a 5K trail race in 11 days, my first race since the January’s half marathon. That race will be in Northport and I’m pretty excited about it because I’ve lived in Northport quite a bit and never run on that trail. I’m more of a road girl.

Of course, I’m doing Cow Harbor again in September. And I was going to run the Northport Nautical Mile in June, thinking it was June 9th, but I literally just learned the race is scheduled for June 16th – the same day as my Queens 10K. So it looks like the nautical mile will have to wait for another year.

I haven’t signed up for any other local races because I haven’t been 100% certain when Northport will stop being, you know, local. I’ll be moving back to the city soon. Once I’m settled, I’ll focus on NYC races, although I’d still love to get back to Long Island every now and then for a race.

No matter where I live, I’ll always consider Northport my home.


And if you really want to feel nostalgic about a place you love, run through it on a cold, quiet morning while listening to Sia’s “Breathe Me.”

6 thoughts on “Oops!… I Entered a Race

  1. You know the right playlist can make or break a run. My husband makes fun of me because I still buy songs on iTunes. If I hear a song I like, I buy it immediately and add it to my playlist. That way when I run I might hear it. I don’t do Spotify or anything like that because I am so particular about my playlist.

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    1. That’s great you pay for songs! I actually subscribe $9.99 a month to Spotify, which allows me to download just about any song to my phone and save it to listen to offline, so that’s how I make my playlists. Either way – music is great!

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