Epic Workout Weekend and the Winter That Will Never End

I’m so happy it’s April! Spring has sprung, the flowers are blooming, I ran in a tank top and shorts yesterday, and we can finally put the long winter behind us, shedding our multiple-layered heavy clothing until next year, a season of renewal upon us, at last.

Oh, this was this morning:


At this point, I’m just going to accept that we are living in the Twilight Zone episode The Midnight Sun, where it’s so hot people are literally fleeing to Canada and stealing water from strangers, only we discover at the end that [spoiler] it was a fever dream the main character was having due to the intense cold that’s taken over the freezing Earth. This is it. It will never stop snowing. I have accepted this, and I am prepared to live my life accordingly.


Maybe life is just a fever dream

Before this latest blizzardageddon, we had relatively good weather this past weekend. I had that nice 6 mile run on Saturday, and yesterday I did one of Fitness Blender’s “1000 calorie” workouts, plus a 5K run. This was a lot of working out in one day, but I knew I’d be eating a lot later and wanted to burn, baby, burn.

This was the fourth “1000 calorie” workout I’ve done in the past few weeks (I think it’s closer to 800 calories for me) and they’re getting easier. As I’ve written before, these epic workouts from Fitness Blender are not all that hard, just long. They’re each broken up into sections: warm up, HIIT, strength training, abs, and cool down. Sometimes the order is different. I like the ones where HIIT is first. I like getting the hard stuff out of the way first.

Which is why I chose to run after Sunday’s workout. I know the preferred and recommended way is typically to run first, strength train second. I get why that makes sense – you have a decent amount of energy for the run, and being slightly fatigued during the strength training makes you focus more on form. But I wanted to end with the bestest and most funnest part: the run.

Now let me give you way too much detail about my typical weekend schedule.

Unlike the weekdays, on weekends I usually eat breakfast before my workouts. I have a lot more time on the weekends, so I can get up a little later (like 7 or 8am), have something like half a bagel with peanut butter or some oat bran with raisins and maple syrup, then I walk the dogs for about half an hour. After I come home, I might spend a little time tidying up, doing the dishes, folding clothes, putting in laundry, etc.

By the time I’m done with that stuff, I’m ready for a workout. The fact that I’ve already eaten makes it much easier, because not only am I fueled with energy, I’m don’t have the urge to finish as soon as possible so I can eat (not to mention make my train into work, something I do not have to do on Saturday and Sunday).

So that’s what I did yesterday, which was also the first day since ending my running hiatus that I ran two days in a row. So I wanted the run to be short – especially after the hour-plus workout I did, I didn’t think I needed to go much longer than 3 miles.

This was a great little run, for a couple of reasons. First, it was 55 degrees. FIFTY-FIVE. I decided to keep on the shorts I wore during my workout and throw on a tank top. It was bliss to feel the air on my arms for the first time since, well, February.

Another fun thing that happened was my pace. I hadn’t intended to go all that fast or even think about it. This was supposed to be a relaxing, easy 3 miles that mostly acted as a cool down. I figured I’d go maybe 9:30, 9:45 min/mile.

But I wound up doing the first mile in 8:34, averaging 8:50 for the entire 3.11 miles. This surprised me, but I think I know why it happened: I was slightly weary. My legs were a little tired from the huge workout I’d just done. There are a hell of a lot of squats and lunges and burpees in one of those babies. So as a result, my stride was shorter than usual. I noticed this during the first mile. A shorter stride usually means a faster pace. Which is what happened.

Interesting that being fatigued led to going faster. Maybe I need to do more leg work immediately before my next race.


The face of true bravery: running in shorts when I haven’t shaved my legs in two months

I did a whole lot of eating this weekend. But I want to write a whole separate post about that because I took a lot of pics and I don’t know, guys, I’m just like super excited about food lately. I never really used to be, not like I am now. The more I run and the more I get my body in the shape I want it to be in, the more I want to cram foodstuffs into my face. Funny how that’s happened.

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