Try to Catch Up: 2022 Run for the Health of It 5K

RACE DATE: May 7, 2022
LOCATION: Northport, NY

I thought I might have ended this blog. I didn’t mean to. I just had a very busy spring, summer, fall, early winter… and with posting about races on social media, I got mini-recaps out of my system while this poor old blog got the short end of the stick. I felt true guilt about it, but there were so many things that needed my attention last year. My priorities shifted. I figured I’d get back to it when I could.

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NYRR Volunteer Day: 2019 United NYC Half

I like to get things done early. So when I submitted my name to the 2019 United Airlines NYC Half lottery and wasn’t accepted (and my best recent half marathon is 9:34 short of guaranteeing me entry as a time qualifier), I decided the next best thing would be to volunteer at the race! This would get my 9+1 volunteer credit done for 2019, inching me that much closer to guaranteed entry for the 2020 NYC Marathon.

So that’s what I did.

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The Thawing & My Upcoming Trail Run

I don’t want to get my hopes up, but there’s a chance that winter might finally be over. And I think today was the official turning point.

Yesterday morning was still the same old 30 degree temps we’ve had for the last 839265477 mornings. My thickest gloves still left my fingers frozen on my early morning dog walk, and after my run (where once again I covered my hands with my trusty plush purple socks), it was so cold I tried taking a picture where you could see my breath.

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A New Thing I’m Trying: More Protein, Bigger Breakfasts

I ran a few times in the last week and didn’t write about any of it! What is this blog coming to? I admit I feel stretched very thin lately – I’m trying to do too much, and when that happens, writing often takes a back seat to other priorities. Also, I tend to write these posts on my train rides into the city, and recently, all I want to do on the train is close my eyes.

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Oops!… I Entered a Race

The good thing is much of yesterday’s snow has melted. Not all of it, but enough that the new spring plants are stubbornly poking through, determined to win the battle of the seasons. It’s still too cold for what April should feel like – it was in the low 30s for this morning’s run. Mitten weather. Goddamn mitten weather. On April 3rd. April 3rd should not be mitten weather.

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600 Yard Dash Girl

I started reading Kathrine Switzer’s Marathon Woman, one of several books about running I ordered not too long ago. I’m only up to the section on her childhood, and I’m enjoying it so far. I love how she got into running: as a teenager, she told her parents she wanted to try out for the cheerleading squad, which she only wanted to join for the popularity aspect. Her father encouraged her to try out for field hockey instead, telling her it was better to be in the game than on the sidelines. He told her if she ran a mile a day until tryouts, she’d be guaranteed to make the team.

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