Ted Corbitt 15K Bib Pick-Up!

Hello! This is just a midday post to share my excitement of having picked up my bib for this weekend’s Ted Corbitt 15K in Central Park! Something like this – basically an errand – is normally not worthy of an entire post, but I got a couple pictures out of it and I wanted to write about it and it’s my blog and I can do what I want!

First of all, I’d never been to the NYRR RUNCenter on West 57th Street before, and it was fun to visit in person. It looks like a combination high-end apparel store and interactive museum.


Also, it’s only two subway stops away from my work, so it was a nice quick trip.

The pickup was super easy – they just scanned a QR code from the confirmation email –  although I was expecting to get a plastic bag but I just got the bib and had to carry it back to work with me all loose and flapping in the wind but it really wasn’t a big deal. I’ve experienced worse things in life.

While I was wandering around the space, a fellow racer asked me to take a picture of her standing in front of a bib-covered wall, so I figured I would ask for a pic too! Here I am. This is me.


By the way, those are my old running shoes. I turn my old running shoes into my walking shoes.

I’m very excited to run this weekend. It will be my first race in Central Park in… over a decade? Actually. I think it was the New Year’s Eve Midnight Run. In 1999.


Gonna get back to work and think about how old I am.

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