Everything Is Okay & Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Bib Pick-Up!

After spending Monday recuperating from my Longest Run Ever – and boy, I needed to – I was ready to get out there again this morning. I was well-rested, having luxuriously gone back to bed Monday morning after feeding the dogs, eventually getting up at ten-freaking-thirty in the A.M. After that I did an upper body strength workout, had lunch, and spent most of the day indoors.

Because I was so well-rested, I had no trouble getting up right at 5 this morning, and hit the road at 6:15. I did my regular 4+ mile route, which seems to be my “default” route these days.

It was dark, and even though 99% of the snow has melted, there are still icy patches and snow mounds here and there. I think this slowed my pace a bit today. I guess staring at the ground, aiming my head lamp, and sidestepping potential danger zones does not make for a fast pace – but that’s okay.


Me making my “I wasn’t that fast today but that’s okay” face

I am starting to mentally prepare myself for this Sunday’s half marathon: the NYRR Fred Lebow Manhattan Half. My first half! I got a chance to do that a bit today as I walked up to 57th Street to pick up my bib! And hat! We got a hat!

Last time I went there to pick up a bib, a woman asked me to take her picture, so then I asked her to take mine. I figured I’d make it a tradition to have my picture taken – or at least until I become such a seasoned old pro, I jadedly grab my number and make a quick exit before the paparazzi get to me.

There were no other runners around so I asked a nice employee at the New Balance store to take my picture. I said “This is cheesy but can you take my picture?” And he said “Of course. And it’s not cheesy. Everyone asks to have their picture taken.” So that made me feel better. I even bought socks, mostly because he was nice.


Now it’s real

Wow. A half marathon. A year ago I would not have been able to even attempt this. And I’m doing it this Sunday.

I’m excited. I’m not putting any pressure on myself to do anything other than to have fun and do my best. Honestly, the thing I’m most worried about is finding a parking garage on the Upper West Side with a space. Once I’ve done that, I’m golden, and everything will be okay.

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