Darling, You Got to Let Me Know

Six miles this morning. Six point one, if we’re being nitpicky (and I always am!). It was warmer than yesterday so I went sans hat, which I was very happy about once I started getting into it. I think my hat should be reserved for freezing-and-under temps. Mid 40s? Please. That’s practically spring.

My 6 mile route is similar to my 5.5 mile route but I go a little farther down the road out and back. There is also a pretty steep uphill, so I was surprised to see that my pace was faster today vs. yesterday: 9:16 vs. 9:26. I did feel like I was pushing it JUST a bit today – nowhere near any kind of race pace, but just a tiny bit faster than conversational.

I think sometimes I’m also afraid of being short on time, as I have a train I need to catch at a specific time. So that alone pushes my pace a bit.

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but seeing that 9:16 pace for basically a 10K is a nice reminder that the first 10K I ran 17 years ago – in this very same town – was at a 9:30 pace.

Your forties are not death, despite what you may have heard.

I also finally experimented with the video on my new phone, and took today’s post-run pic from a still.


Not so bad! I think the video quality is better on the iPhone 7 vs. my old 5S. And I like that I unknowingly situated myself in that spot next to the tree so my body could stand out against the light sky – ’twas a happy accident.

So I guess I’ll write about this today. I’ve been grappling with one particular issue: where I will be living in a few months. I’ll be moving out of the house I was living in with my mother, and I have several options:

  • stay in the town or general vicinity of where I am now
  • stay on Long Island but closer to the city
  • move back to the city

What’s interesting about this decision (which I don’t have to make right away) is that, for the first time in my life, I am very much factoring running into my choices. I’ve moved a lot in my life, but usually within Queens or Manhattan, and once to LA. But not until now have I stopped to consider my running when weighing my options.

Here are the pros and cons of each scenario. Bear with me. There are about to be a lot of bullet points.

  • stay in the town or general vicinity of where I am now
    • PROS
      • Running is great here: safe, fun, a variety of routes
      • Was recently invited to join the local running club and I like them
      • I know and love this town; it’s where I grew up
      • My sister and her family (including 2 nephews) are here
    • CONS
      • It’s a long commute: 1 hr. 45 min. to/from work
      • I get home at 9pm, eat dinner at 9:30, and get up at 5am
      • I don’t sleep much
      • I don’t really have a life here M-F: just eat, run, and sleep
  • stay on Long Island but closer to the city
    • PROS
      • Running would still most likely be nice
      • Shorter commute, a little more sleep
      • Probably still cheaper than the city
    • CONS
      • Farther away from my sister
      • Farther away from my hometown
      • Won’t know anyone
  • move back to the city
    • PROS
      • Much easier commute
      • Earlier dinner, more sleep
      • More sleep
      • Sleep
      • Sleeeeeep
      • Friends are here
    • CONS
      • I’d limit my living options to be near a park or waterside pathway
      • I mean it wouldn’t be terrible but just not the same as the nice, spacious, clean, rolling hills of northern Long Island
      • Far from my sister
      • $$$$$

That basically sums it up.

I really am factoring running very heavily into this decision: would I be okay living in Astoria, Queens again? Would Astoria Park be somewhere I want to run again? Could I run in Astoria Park for more than half an hour without losing my mind? Would Flushing Meadows be better? How safe is running the perimeter of Randall’s Island? What’s running over the RFK Bridge like? Could I live up in Inwood and use those woods to run? Haven’t women been murdered there? So forget Inwood, right? Should I try to just live in a cheap neighborhood on the Upper East Side and run in Central Park every morning? How expensive it is to live near Prospect Park? Should I live near Riverside and run along the Hudson? How bad would it be to just stay where I am on Long Island?

So many questions and decisions. I really am thinking about running and how each potential location would affect it. It’s become such an important part of my life. It’s like my kids. Running is my kids. I am running’s mom. And it needs to be in a good school district, damn it.

I hardly ever end my posts with questions like I know good bloggers are supposed to do, but if you live and run anywhere in NYC or Long Island, what do you think? Let me know your thoughts! Or if you live anywhere, really! This doesn’t have to be New York centric!

Wow, this post got very rambly! But before I go, let us not forget:


I tried an oat raisin one today! Because nobody ever takes those! Maybe they’re afraid! But it wasn’t bad! A little bland! But okay!

One thought on “Darling, You Got to Let Me Know

  1. Hamilton Heights and West Harlem are close to many varied routes and tracks: Riverside State Park, Central Park, Morningside Park, the Hudson River Drive all the way down Manhattan is beautiful, I do long for a long forest path sometimes, but there are little ones along the West Side that mix up a distance run. Also uptown, we have all the hills!


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