I Got One Hand Next to Bagel

Ah, it is Bagel Friday at work once again. I love Bagel Friday. ALMOST as much as Pancake Sunday. A close second to that. It’s hard to beat anything with the word “pancake” in it.

I used to not run on Fridays – for the past few years my run days have been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (unless it rained or I wasn’t feeling well and then I’d switch with another day) – but ever since I started working in an office that does Bagel Fridays, now I actually want to run on Fridays to counteract the calories in the bagel, which is a lot because the ones we get are LARGE. (Bagels are generally 80 calories an ounce and large bagels can be 8 or 9 ounces… and I do not lie to myfitnesspal).

I actually brought my food scale to work today just to weigh my bagel, because I feel like they’re all a little different and I just wanted to be sure and fine, I’m anal, okay? I chose a whole wheat everything because it looked more normal-sized than the massive regular everything bagels. It was 6.25 ounces – actually less than I thought it would be.

For comparison, here is half of my bagel next to my hand (because I ate the other half before thinking of doing this). This is what half of a 6.25-ounce bagel looks like. At 80 calories an ounce, that’s 500 calories for the entire bagel (plus butter). As I’ve said before, this isn’t BAD. It’s just good to know that you are eating 500 calories when you are eating 500 calories.


In some languages, this is how the number 50 is written

To be clear: calories are not bad. They are actually good, because without them, we would die. However, being completely unaware of how many calories you’re eating is… usually not good. For time to time? Sure. Live a little. For me, I just like to know. That’s all.

I also made this because I’m a dork:


I’m running a 5K race tomorrow. For some reason, I always thought not running the day before a race would save energy. But after the 5K I ran last July, when the very next day I did a long run at a faster-than-normal pace and felt great, I decided that maybe it wasn’t all that bad to run the day before a race, and maybe it would even help.

I did my 4.3 mile route today, and purposely kept it easy – not too fast.


Come on let’s sweat, baby

Once again, the GPS was all over the place and I had to correct the course in mapmyrun. I know I sound like a broken record at this point (is this still a relevant phrase in 2017?), but I really need to get a Garmin. I should just take the plunge and do it this weekend. Right? I should! I will!

But first, the race!



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