Two Miles

After getting what wasn’t necessarily a “go ahead” but more a “relax, you’re not dying” note from my orthopedist yesterday, I decided to clear myself for running again. I am happy to report that this morning, from 6:46am to 7:06am, I ran two delicious, refreshing miles. [Michael Stipe voice] And I feel fiiine.

I have never in my life been so happy to run two measly little miles. Nice slow ones, too. Luckily, the snow that was originally supposed to start coming down at 5am held off until about now, 9am, as I ride a (mostly empty) train into the city. So this morning, after taking the dogs out on their early morning half hour excursion, I decided to do my first run since February 23rd.

There was a tiny bit of snow at this point, but nearly invisible. It was in the low to mid 30s, so not too bad. I decided to stick to my quiet, winding neighborhood streets as opposed to venturing out down a major road for a loop – I figured this way, if I had any pain or the snow started coming down in clumps, I could easily turn back.

But neither happened. I just did an out-and-back, turning around at the one mile mark. I kept the pace relatively slow on purpose, staying just under 10 minutes a mile. Normally, three miles is the shortest run I’ll do, but when coming back from being sick or injured, I like to start with two. Twenty minutes. The perfect length of time for a workout that’s something but not too much.

I felt really good. It was so nice to move my legs again, and just venture out. Venturing is a big part of why I like running. I didn’t feel tired or sore. I really think the strength and HIIT workouts I’ve been doing daily for the past month have kept my muscles in good shape. I’m relieved to have returned to running feeling strong. I’ll probably keep things short and slow for the next week. (Although we’ll see how the 5-8 inches of snow we’re getting today affect the streets over the next couple days.)

I even had time to do a short, upper body workout when I got back. Unfortunately, I was so out of my element that I forgot to take a picture, something I usually like to do after a run. So here are a couple from the train this morning.


The girl on the train


Long Island Rail Road in the snow: the Russian Roulette of transportation

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