When a Runner Can’t Run

I was just looking at my blog stats and noticed someone had recently clicked on my post Ghost in the Shell. I couldn’t remember what the post was about (which I guess happens when you have a three-year-old blog) so I opened it. It’s from February 2018 – several lifetimes ago. At the time, I couldn’t run for a week because the ball of my foot was acting up, so I went to a podiatrist who recommended I didn’t run for a week. I was very sad that I couldn’t run for a week.

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The Aftermath: 12 Weeks of Regaining My Strength

I appear to have fallen behind on my blog once again. Apologies to the few people who read this regularly. I have had other priorities lately and they always seem to take precedence over writing about running. But I miss writing regularly so here’s hoping I can be a little better about fitting it in, even if I do have an ever-growing pile of clothes on my bed that need folding.

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The In-Between

Apparently, running a marathon and writing a recap about it sapped my energy so much that I’ve neglected to write here for two weeks. I think I did need some time off in more ways than one, so no regrets. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I have another race recap to post (my Thanksgiving Day turkey trot!) but I felt like I needed a refresher post first – what I’ve been doing since the marathon and how I’m bridging the gap to my next one.

Shall we go with section headers? I like those.

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A Run Down Main & A Plan for My Knee

I ran 4.96 miles this morning and I can’t stop thinking about how much I wish I had just held out for the full 5. It’s hard to justify when I feel short on time – I like to be in the shower by 7:20, and by the time I was done running, it was 7:21. At the same time, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just being anal. The fact that I can run at all is a damn miracle.

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This Too Shall Pass

Last week I started a blog post about my favorite indoor workouts. I haven’t finished it yet. It’s long. I didn’t mean for it to be, it just became long as I was writing it, because I tend to overwrite, and also sometimes I write super long sentences that could easily be broken up into several smaller sentences but it’s fun to draw them out without an end in sight and I do it because writing can be whatever you want it to be.

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Be Still My Leg: My MRI Story

My knee (specifically, the inner right joint) is still being an asshole, so I got an MRI on Monday. This was my first ever MRI. Aside from bouts of childhood bronchitis and, later, periodic eczema that always seemed to sprout up during times of stress (it was worst in my 20s, almost nonexistent now), I have always been pretty healthy. I have never broken a bone, had surgery, been hospitalized, or had a major disease (unless you count bronchitis). I’ve also never worn glasses, smoked a cigarette, had an addiction problem, or been pregnant. When I go to the doctor, I always feel like they’re secretly disappointed I’m so boring.

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The Lovely Bones

I haven’t written here all week, partly because I haven’t run and partly because I’ve been unusually busy. Also, when I don’t run, I feel less of a need to write in this blog. My knee is slowly getting better – I think. I’ve had this dull, achy, inner right knee thing for maybe a week and a half. It’s not what I would describe as “pain,” but more “wonky.” I ran 4 miles on it last Friday, not feeling it at all during the run, but it also didn’t go away afterwards.

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