Everything In Its Right Place

I admit, this blog has taken a bit of a backseat over the past few weeks as I have transitioned from Long Islander Who Lives in a House to New Yorker Who Lives in an Apartment Again. My life has been nonstop packing, unpacking, buying boxes, flattening boxes, throwing things away, buying things, organizing, cleaning, putting things in drawers and on shelves and generally trying to create a nice living space for myself and the two dogs I inherited from my mom who I still sometimes have trouble calling “my” dogs even though they are now.

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Everything Changes and Nothing Stands Still

This might be the busiest couple weeks of my life, hence my lack of recent posts. Of course, I have managed to make time to run, because priorities. Work. Run. Sleep. Eat. Pack. Maybe shower.

I am moving this weekend. After 17 months living at my mom’s house on Long Island, I will be moving back to the place I called home for 19 years: NYC. I knew this day was coming, but it’s hard to believe it’s almost here. It seems a lifetime ago that I decided to stay with my mom and drive her around for what we thought would be two or three months of cancer treatment – simple treatment, we were told, but it would impede her ability to drive. Of course, those two or three months turned into 11, and then she died. And there is no longer a need for me to live in her house.

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I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: A Weekend of Runs

It is Monday morning at the time of this writing. I’ve started writing this blog post three times and still haven’t gotten around to finishing it. I’ve been busy; I’m preparing to move out of my mom’s house and into my own apartment (I’ll spill all the juicy deets about that in another post). This involves not just packing up my stuff, but packing up all of my mom’s stuff. And my grandmother’s stuff, much of which my mom kept. Letters, books, clothes, pots, wine glasses. Old bills, broken remotes, thousands of photographs. Preparing for an estate sale (a phrase I never thought I’d say). Donating items. Packing things. Throwing stuff away. Many trips to the recycling bin. Bubble wrap. Boxes. Tape. More tape. And even, some more tape.

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