September Workout Summary & Why I Don’t Go To The Gym

I’m still not sure if it’s fall allergies or a cold. My dad told me the pollen is bad lately, and he should know. It might be that. Either way, I woke up this morning with half a stuffed up nose and ultra tired. I’ve been getting about 5 to 6 hours of a sleep a night, which I can usually handle, but lately it feels like I need more.

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I Love to Streak

This morning’s workout was Fitness Blender’s Get Strong! Upper Body Workout for Strength with Descending Reps. The only drawback for me is that because the weight is supposed to be increasing as the reps are descending, I have a tendency to start out with a weight that’s TOO low. I really need some new weights. The highest I use is 12, and I do that by holding a 10 lb. and a 2 lb. in the same hand. Between weights and new running shoes, I may have some shopping to do this weekend.

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