Break It Up: Preparing for My First Half Marathon

I took two days off from running to do strength training, so my body was happy to run again this morning. I got in a solid hour of running in 24º weather – not unbearably cold, but close to it. I dressed for it, so I was fine.

I stopped only to take this pic – I am a sucker for pink and red sunrise skies, and they only stick around for a few minutes. This was about 7am.

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Everything Is Okay & Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Bib Pick-Up!

After spending Monday recuperating from my Longest Run Ever – and boy, I needed to – I was ready to get out there again this morning. I was well-rested, having luxuriously gone back to bed Monday morning after feeding the dogs, eventually getting up at ten-freaking-thirty in the A.M. After that I did an upper body strength workout, had lunch, and spent most of the day indoors.

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My Longest Run and Most Decadent Lunch

This morning I hit a new distance PR: 13.02 miles. Aw, my PR is a teenager! Adorable, yet petulant. This it the farthest I have ever run.

I’m trying to gradually increase distance, but also: I am running a half marathon next weekend. My first. So I wanted to feel what that distance was like before I raced it. (I stopped .08 miles short of a complete half marathon, but I think I have it in me to go the distance next week.)

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The BombcycLone Runner

Thirteen minutes and thirty-four seconds.

That’s how long I lasted this morning running in the #bombcyclonepocalypse-snowrricane-stormofthemillennium. Honestly, the only thing that made me return home sooner than planned was the constant assault of ice flakes on my eyeballs. Other than that, it really wasn’t that bad. I might seem crazy, but I assure you there are crazier people out there. Have you seen twitter lately?

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Layers Gonna Lay: First Run of 2018

I’m back, baby!

While I’m still not 100% without-a-cold, my stuffy nose and phlegm-hocking (sorry) is mostly confined to the morning. My energy is almost completely back. My muscles are well-rested, and aching for me to use them again. I’d be afraid to competitively run a race at this point, but a slow 3 mile jog? Bring it.

And 13º weather? BRING IT.

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