Buffalo Chickpea Chili

It’s been unseasonably warm ’round these parts, so what better time to post a good old chili recipe, am I right?! I love chili, and while I enjoy the recipe I’veΒ made for years, as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to try it.

This one is called Buffalo Chickpea Chili and is courtesy of one of my favorite food bloggers, Chocolate Covered Katie. Lest you think this chili has chocolate, it does not. Only some of Katie’s creations are chocolate covered.

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Superhero Sunday

I had a nice, productive Sunday, which is all I ever want in a Sunday. After spending Saturday doing a quick upper body workout, cleaning the house like crazy for a realtor to do a walk-through (both the inside and outside of the fridge and the freezer), and making a couple trips to the supermarket, I decided Sunday was to be for two things: cooking and running.

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My Longest Run and Most Decadent Lunch

This morning I hit a new distance PR: 13.02 miles. Aw, my PR is a teenager! Adorable, yet petulant. This it the farthest I have ever run.

I’m trying to gradually increase distance, but also: I am running a half marathon next weekend. My first. So I wanted to feel what that distance was like before I raced it. (I stopped .08 miles short of a complete half marathon, but I think I have it in me to go the distance next week.)

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