NJ Marathon Training: Week 3

I’m writing these words on January 28th. The 2019 New Jersey Marathon is three months from today. Holy hell. So far training has been… interesting. It feels a bit more isolating compared to training for NYC. That was such a big part of my everyday life: I was in a Facebook group for other marathon runners using NYRR’s Virtual Trainer. NYRR was all over my social media with tips, talks, and strategies about the race. I would get advice from friends who had run it. And I live in the city in which it takes place – as race day grew closer, I could watch the area surrounding the finish line being built on my Central Park runs.

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Settle Into the Torture: TCS NYC Marathon Training Series 15 Mile Recap

I am writing this “race recap” over a week late, and maybe I’ve been putting it off because I am trying to block it from my mind. It was probably the hardest run I’ve ever done.

The New York Road Runners has three official training runs leading up to the NYC Marathon. I ran the 12 miler last month. This was the 15 miler. (I won’t be running the 18 miler in September because it’s the day after I’m running the Cow Harbor 10K and I’d be stupid to try and run 18 miles the day after an all-out-effort 6.2-mile race. But Ari, you don’t have to run a 10K at an all-out-effort while you’re marathon training! YES I DO.)

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Put On A Happy Pace: TCS NYC Marathon Training Series 12 Mile Recap

Just under 100 days to go until the TCS NYC Marathon. At this point, I should be well into official training, but the past couple weeks have been a series of starts and stops – I’ve dealt with on and off calf pain, my dog dying, and a cold for the past few days which brought my runs to a complete halt. I’m on the mend – Thursday was my worst day. My colds are usually minor and only last a few days, but they make me too weak to run. No idea where this one came from, as I haven’t had any close human contact lately. I guess I touched a gross subway pole and didn’t wash my hands like an idiot.

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