Run the ‘Run for the Health of It’ 5K on 5.11.19

Hello! This morning I ran for the first time since Sunday’s NJ Marathon: 4.72 miles at an eeeasy pace. I’m back, baby! I’ve been feeling eager to get back into it since Wednesday but wanted to give myself a solid five days off.

Monday was the only day I was too sore to run – I spent most of the day limping and avoiding stairs. By Tuesday the limp was gone. I’ve had a bit of a tight left hamstring, but not much else to complain about. I’m kind of shocked at how good I feel.

Now that I’m done with the NJ Marathon, I’m putting my focus on my next race: the Run for the Health of It 5K in Northport, NY (my hometown!) on Saturday, May 11th. Northport is a lovely, quaint, nautical village on the north shore of Long Island. It is also where I spent much of my childhood. I lived there again from December 2016 to May 2018 to help take care of my mom at the end of her life.

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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: 2018 Townwide Fund of Huntington Thanksgiving Day 4 Mile Race Recap

I thought that title would be too long. I thought, “Don’t use that title. It’s too long.” And you know what? I was right. It is too long. Does that mean I’ll change it? Not sure yet. I’ll decide when I’m done writing this.

This was my third year in a row running this 4-mile turkey trot in the beautiful seaside town of Huntington, Long Island, one town over from my hometown of Northport. And it was my coldest race, ever.

First, a little history.

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You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything

So glad I managed to get out the door early enough to do 6 miles this morning. I cut it close, but I made it to the train on time by not dilly-dallying after my shower, eating a quick breakfast of cereal and banana (sprinkled with 1/3 tbsp. of mini chocolate chips because I DO WHAT I WANT), and doing my makeup on the train. I know all the corners to cut. Continue reading “You Can Put Chocolate Chips on Anything”