Passion and Detachment: 2018 Grete’s Great Gallop 10K Race Recap

It wasn’t like I needed to do another race this year. I’ve completed my 9+1. I’m a month away from the marathon. But I love racing and I love the 10K. And when I was looking for just one more race to do before marathon day, this one caught my eye.

I spent a lot of time over the summer watching 80s NYC marathon footage. Don’t worry, I’m working on a whole blog post about it. Although I knew who Grete Waitz was, I’m not sure I had ever actually seen her run. Unfortunately, I never will in person, as she passed away in 2011. But for the better part of 1978 to 1988, she dominated the NYC marathon in a way nobody had before or ever will again. She won the race nine times. Nine times. Even back then, they were saying her record would never be matched. So far, it hasn’t.

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