Had Myself a Merry Little Christmas

Oof, I’ve been out of it. I haven’t posted in four days, which is apparently the length of time I start to feel rul guilty about it. But I have an excuse: I have a small cold! Boo-hoo. It’s just a sore throat and an occasional sniffle and sneeze. I started feeling it the day after Christmas, I THINK as a result of being around so many kids? None of my nephews were sick, but the last time I got this same thing, I had also just been around my nephews a bunch. I don’t know how parents even survive raising kids. Your immune systems must have to be made of steel.

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Mom’s Party

We threw my mom a party yesterday. Not a wake, not a funeral. A celebration of life. A party. That’s actually how I entered it on my google calendar: “Mom’s Party. Noon to 3pm.” A gathering of friends and family. Talking, laughing, reminiscing, drinking, eating. Vegan food only, as per her wishes. A ton of it too, from local restaurants Batata Cafe and Purple Elephant. (I highly recommend both.)

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The Last Run of My Mother’s Life

This blog is supposed to be about running. It is not supposed to be about the death of my mother. But ever since I began writing on here, I knew this day would come.

I moved from L.A. to Long Island last December because my mother had been diagnosed with cancer a week before Thanksgiving and we were told she wouldn’t be able to drive for two, maybe three, months while she was undergoing treatment. So I thought I would move in with her and do her errands for a little while.

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