A New Thing I’m Trying: More Protein, Bigger Breakfasts

I ran a few times in the last week and didn’t write about any of it! What is this blog coming to? I admit I feel stretched very thin lately – I’m trying to do too much, and when that happens, writing often takes a back seat to other priorities. Also, I tend to write these posts on my train rides into the city, and recently, all I want to do on the train is close my eyes.

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I Got One Hand Next to Bagel

Ah, it is Bagel Friday at work once again. I love Bagel Friday. ALMOST as much as Pancake Sunday. A close second to that. It’s hard to beat anything with the word “pancake” in it.

I used to not run on Fridays – for the past few years my run days have been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (unless it rained or I wasn’t feeling well and then I’d switch with another day) – but ever since I started working in an office that does Bagel Fridays, now I actually want to run on Fridays to counteract the calories in the bagel, which is a lot because the ones we get are LARGE. (Bagels are generally 80 calories an ounce and large bagels can be 8 or 9 ounces… and I do not lie to myfitnesspal).

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I Do It For the Bagels

I either have the slowest-forming cold in history or just a weak 48-hour bug that will go away tomorrow. Or seasonal allergies. Or my bedroom rug just needs vacuuming. I’m still not sure which. But it’s something. My nose wasn’t as bad this morning but my throat was a little scratchy. Still, after I walked the dogs I felt like I could handle a 4.3-mile run. I had wanted to do 6, but settled on 4.3 as I was not feeling quite up to snuff.

I think I just need more sleep. If I could just get ONE night of like, 9 straight hours I’d be great. But that would require me going to bed at 8pm, which ain’t happening.

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