Lemme HIIT That

I decided to do an indoor workout today. It’s one of my favorite Fitness Blender routines that I’ve probably mentioned before (sorry I don’t feel like checking) and that I want to try to do once a week: a 44-minute total body workout that incorporates major-sweat-inducing HIIT (HIIT means “stuff that makes you exhausted”), cardio, weights, abs – the works. It’s like a baked potato with all the toppings, only the opposite of that in terms of calories.

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Every Body Hurts, Sometimes

MY FOOT HURTS. This sucks. It’s not debilitating and it’s not what I would call “pain,” but it was uncomfortable enough walking that I didn’t run this morning. Instead I did a short but intense Fitness Blender cardio/weights workout with the word “brutal” in the title. I would have done it twice if I’d had enough time. I need to punish my body for sucking. This is a very healthy way to think and to live.

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I Got One Hand Next to Bagel

Ah, it is Bagel Friday at work once again. I love Bagel Friday. ALMOST as much as Pancake Sunday. A close second to that. It’s hard to beat anything with the word “pancake” in it.

I used to not run on Fridays – for the past few years my run days have been Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (unless it rained or I wasn’t feeling well and then I’d switch with another day) – but ever since I started working in an office that does Bagel Fridays, now I actually want to run on Fridays to counteract the calories in the bagel, which is a lot because the ones we get are LARGE. (Bagels are generally 80 calories an ounce and large bagels can be 8 or 9 ounces… and I do not lie to myfitnesspal).

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