A Chili Is In the Air

I LOVE NEW STUFF. It’s so rare I get new stuff, let alone three new stuffs in one day.

I wore my new Saucony Guides today. They felt great. It’s been (gulp) a year since I replaced my running shoes. I know this is WAY too long. Don’t do this. Last year, I’d wanted to track my gear in mapmyrun, so the first day I ran in my new shoes I added them to the app. But I didn’t realize you had to manually select them every time you ran. So once I realized the app hadn’t tracked them for several runs, I gave up and never kept track.

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Runnin’ Down a Dream

Yesterday was a weights day, and I didn’t write anything. Mostly I didn’t write anything because that senseless massacre in Las Vegas suddenly made my upper body workout seem not all that important. It’s hard to write about normal stuff every time things like that happen. Sad that I have to write “every time things like that happen” because they seem to happen ALL THE TIME.

And then Tom Petty dies. Then he’s not dead. Then he is. Which sucks, because he was really talented and way too young to be old. I thought Tom Petty was great. R.I.P. Tom Petty.

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