Weekend Reads 3.3.19

Time for another late-on-Sunday installment of health/sports/running news items that I find interesting. I’m going to keep this one short, as I’m in the middle of working on a race recap for a 5K I ran earlier today! I’m trying to get those out a little sooner these days.

While I’m here, how crazy is the weather lately? It barely snowed here in NYC all winter, and then we got a bunch on Saturday morning, and it’s snowing again now and will into the morning. Like, we had all winter for this, guys. It’s too late! We’re want spring now. Come on.

Here are some things to read. Enjoy!

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Weekend Reads 2.24.19

I skipped doing this last week! Honestly, after that insane long run + intervals last Sunday, I was apparently so exhausted I couldn’t even type. I didn’t think it had taken that much out of me.

On that note, although I normally never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight (walking into a clean kitchen first thing in the morning is one of life’s best feelings), for the past two long runs, I’ve left dishes in the sink later that night. I just couldn’t find the energy to even clean a dish.

Even though the weekend is almost over, you can read these articles anytime! Here’s what caught my eye this week.

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Weekend Reads 2.3.19

This post is just in time for [checks watch]… the very end of the weekend! Better late than never, I guess. Also, I just realized the Super Bowl is happening very soon, which explains the long lines at the supermarket that I saw before turning around on my heels and choosing instead to shop later. Actually, I recall going food shopping last year smack in the middle of the Super Bowl and the supermarket was so fantastically empty, I put the photos on Twitter.

Anyway, here are some interesting reads I came across this week (or before this week)!

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Weekend Reads 1.27.19

For a little while now I’ve been thinking about composing a weekly write-up where I compile recent stories, articles, posts, and noteworthy items I’ve come across. I’ve seen a few other bloggers do something similar. What’s one more? There’s room for us all!

I tried thinking of some fun alliteration as a title. Friday Finds? Thursday Things to Read? Wednesday… Why Don’t You Read This? After several entire minutes thinking about it, I settled on Weekend Reads. Very catchy, I know! But this way I can post it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and it won’t be wrong.

I’ll probably keep these mostly fitness and health related, but who knows. Anything is possible. Enjoy!

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