Fred’s Team & the Run to Coney Island

I haven’t been writing much about individual runs these days. There seem to be so many of them. However, I will make an exception when it is a truly memorable run. Many of you know that I’m running the NYC Marathon this fall (if you didn’t, welcome to what is apparently your first visit to my blog) and that I’m running it with Fred’s Team. Before I get into my run, here’s a little about Fred’s Team.

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Long Run Friday

I decided to do my long run this morning, even though it’s a Friday. I’m running a 5K on Sunday and don’t want to do a long run the day before a race, nor the day of a race, of course. This will be my first “road 5K” since last fall and I want to give it my everything. And with it being Bagel Friday and all, I figured I’d just get the run done today. What better way to prepare for a huge, delicious hunk of bread? One that is most likely, given what I’m envisioning at the moment, smothered in peanut butter and banana?

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What Sunday Is For (Hint: It’s Pancakes)

Ah, my first Long Run Sunday in three weeks. The weather was perfect: low 50s, overcast, a cool breeze. I went out on the faster side, at about an 8:30 min/mile pace for the first mile – faster than I probably should have. I eventually settled into a slower rhythm because

  1. the bottom of my left foot started feeling weird about 5 miles in (it’s okay now)
  2. I ran a race yesterday
  3. it’s my long run and I shouldn’t really be trying to set a speed PR
  4. I can do what I want

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