2021 NYC Marathon Training: Week 11

A little behind on these posts, so I am playing catch up! I’ll try to post a few over the course of this next week.

Week 11 of training was my highest mileage in a long time: about 50 miles.

This was due to doing the previous week’s long run on Monday (after a day off following Cow Harbor), followed by another long run six days later on Sunday.

That Monday long run was my longest in a long time (that was a lot of longs): 19 miles! Three whole loops of Central Park – somewhat monotonous but a great hill workout. I started out super slow because my lower back hurt, but fortunately it felt better as I went, and I was able to speed up in the second half.

My other runs this week were easy and hovered around a 9:00 pace, unthinkably fast for me just a few months ago. It’s been a while since I could run a complete Central Park loop in under 9:00 a mile comfortably. So nice to feel (relatively) speedy again.

The Sunday long run included the “not a race” Bronx 10 Mile, plus about 7.5 miles there and back.

I like to post one running photo a week and I think I only have photos from the Bronx race for that week, so here is the only one I didn’t post yet. Thanks for joining me in the pic, fellow corral D’ers!

Onto stories of my dad!

There is a big dad-related story I haven’t written about yet: my dad’s trips to China.

In 1992, my father got an opportunity to travel to Wuhan, China, for the summer to teach English. I can’t recall how or why he got this opportunity – I know he wanted to do something exciting, or just have a little adventure. Something new. This began my dad’s love of China and the Chinese people. These were meaningful, rewarding, and life-changing trips for him.

The friendships he made in China – both colleagues and students alike – would last the rest of his life. Even after my dad died, I talked to one of his former students on the phone to let him know about my dad’s passing.

Seven years after his Wuhan trip, my dad would return to the China to teach in Chengdu. For this post, however, I thought I would write about his trip to Wuhan.

I have more information about his Chengdu trip, mostly because I kept blog posts he wrote for a website I created for him in 2002. I’ll spend the next few posts featuring some of my dad’s writing and photographs from these trips, starting with the 1992 trip to Wuhan.

Wuhan is the most populous city in Central China, with a current population of over 11 million. I’m not sure what the population was in 1992, but I am sure it was still relatively large.

My dad only taught there for the summer. I can’t remember which school (if I find out I’ll update this post).

I still have HTML files for his now-defunct 2002 site; fortunately, his photos and captions still exist the way they appeared.

All of these photos and captions are by my dad. The photos without captions never had them, so I’ll just post those as is.

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