2021 NYC Marathon Training: Week 8

Week 8 was decent! I feel like I’m slowly climbing out of whatever running hole I fell into. Here’s hoping I stay out.

I ran 5 days for a total of 31 miles, all easy. No speedwork, no tempo runs, no races. I attended an outdoor strength class (incorporating bodyweight and stair-running) taught by Harrier teammate (and founding member!) Susan Bayat, an experienced personal trainer. I did two upper body strength workouts, some pilates work, and have continued standing at my desk every day until dinner.

I started doing something else to supplement my training: walking. Post-dinner walks were something I did during the height of the pandemic, and I’ve decided to make it a habit again. These are anywhere between 2.5 and 4 miles, so a decent amount of extra time on my feet without the pounding.

Sunday was beautiful: slightly cool and most cloudy. I was going to attempt a 14 miler that morning, but with sore quads (I assume from the strength class, which was awesome, but had some stuff I am not yet accustomed to), I managed 12 miles before calling it quits. I ran up the Hudson River, past the George Washington Bridge, and then back down again, stopping to take a couple of photos along the way. I’d never run up the Hudson this far north before, and was surprised at how hilly it was.

Since I’ve fallen a bit behind on writing these posts, I thought I’d keep this one short and focus mainly on photos.

I’ve been writing stories about my dad on here lately, most of which come to me as I sift through bins and boxes of old photos, trying to piece together stories based on what I have at my disposal.

Both of my parents were avid photographers who always had a camera on them, and I’m pretty sure I inherited whatever gene makes you want to take pictures all the time. I have a lot of photos of them (both together and individually), and a whole lot of contact sheets. For those only versed in digital photography, contact sheets are positive prints of the negatives of a roll of film.

I scanned a bunch of these sheets and cropped a few of my favorite photos from them (adding some light dust removal and contrast-boosting where needed). I thought I’d share some of them here. Whether you knew my parents or not, I hope you enjoy these. I’ll get back to writing an actual story for the next post.

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