New York Harriers Winter Scavenger Hunt Run #10

This is my last post about the New York Harriers‘ winter scavenger hunt. You can read about the details of the hunt in my first post about it, written way back on November 24, 2020.

I didn’t bother doing the Harriers’ summer scavenger hunt because my feet were still sore at the time. All I could do over the summer was walk. I think I did two or three clues on the fall hunt before giving up due to, once again, sore feet.

So when I began the winter hunt three weeks ago, after having run just three times since September, I wasn’t sure how far I’d get. I thought if I could somehow manage to check off five clues in a row on the board, I’d consider that a success.

But a funny thing happened: my feet felt fine. They felt… good? So I ran. I kept checking off clues. Pretty soon I was confident I could complete the entire thing.

And that’s what I did last Sunday.


  • Clues: 3
  • Miles: 2.26
  • Time: 23:04
  • Weather: 54º, sunny
  • Location: Riverside Park, home

I decided to leave the last day of the hunt to staying close to home, keeping it easy, and checking off the simplest clues. No subways or bridges or unfamiliar streets today.

CLUE #23 of 25: Festive running outfit/top

This I did not exactly have.

Seeing as most of my running clothes, much like my everyday clothes, are either gray, black, white, or blue, I did not have anything “festive” to wear. Fortunately, the Harriers are pretty lenient about the “rules” of this hunt and I probably could have gotten away with wearing a mask with a gift bow on the side of it.

But I realized that I did have a red shirt and a green shirt, both courtesy of NYRR – their race shirts are the only reason I own any running apparel in colors other than the ones on the aforementioned list. So I wore my green shirt from this past March’s Washington Heights 5K and my red shirt from last year’s Bronx 10 Mile (which I had signed up for but didn’t run).

There you go. Festive.

Keep in mind it was in the mid 50s (warm) and this LONG-SLEEVED green shirt is made out of COTTON.

That’s how much I cared about this hunt.

It’s also part of why I kept this run on the short side. I ran up Riverside Park for about a mile and then turned around. With a stop for a jumping selfie, of course.

I saved the best two clues for last.

CLUE #24 of 25: Hot chocolate
CLUE #25 of 25: Holiday cookies

You can’t see the hot chocolate with all the marshmallows I threw on top of it. But it’s there.

The cookies, though. I’m really proud of these cookies.

They are classic bon bons and I made them myself. I’m planning on doing a recipe for my food blog and this was recipe test #4 (not the actual cookies for the blog post). My mother used to make these every Christmas. She stopped when she become a vegan. I really missed having them every year, so I decided to make vegan versions.

Anyway, I’ll write a long, sappy post about it on my food blog. For now, please enjoy this photo of my holiday cookies, the last clue on the winter scavenger hunt board.

This scavenger hunt involved ten runs over the course of three weeks, several subway rides, traveling to different boroughs and neighborhoods, running through areas of the city I’d never explored, learning about landmarks I hadn’t known about, and slowly but surely gaining some strength back that had been absent for too long.

It was immensely rewarding and I am so grateful I was able to do it.

Looking forward to the next few months of winter running. I genuinely mean that. I can’t wait.

Thank you to the Harriers and everyone who joined me on this virtual journey.

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