The Beautiful Puzzle Of Marathon Training (And How Much I Miss It)

The fall marathon season is in full swing. Well, virtual marathon season. If you’re running a marathon this year, chances are the race will not be on a marked course with water stops, medical tents, and thousands of other runners. It will likely take place on a course of your choosing, at whatever time you want, over a specified range of dates. There won’t be water tables, gel stations, or free samples of Biofreeze. You will probably run it alone.

It won’t be the same. And I wish I was running one.

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Happy Birthday, Blog (And Why You Should Start One)

It occurred to me earlier today that I’ve had this blog for three years. Turns out I just missed the anniversary of my first post, which was September 18. So, I’m a couple weeks late in wishing it a happy birthday. Okay, a few weeks late. Well, just pretend I’m not. What are dates, anyway? What is time? I’m not sure it even exists.

For anyone who wasn’t around as a reader back in September 2017 (all of you), here is my very first post, which was titled “Hi

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