2020 Boston Marathon Training: Week 1 of 12

Since I’ve gotten behind (again) on posting about my weekly marathon training, I’ll keep this and the next few posts short until I’m caught up. Sometimes I ask myself why I feel the need to post these at all. I’m not sure. I love training. I enjoy writing. I like to keep track of stuff. Maybe one day I’ll look back on this blog and be glad I had it.

So! The Boston Marathon! I am running it! For the first time! And possibly the last!

For training, I am following a 12-week plan courtesy of my running club, the New York Harriers. By the time I started the plan, I had spent about a month gaining back strength and endurance I had lost after the 2019 NYC Marathon disaster and a 2.5-week December cold that stopped me from running entirely. My first day back was January 1st: a 4-mile run with the Harriers from Central Park to a donut shop in the west village, an annual tradition.

I started this plan on January 27th.

Disclaimer That I Will Link To Each Week: Much of my plan is self-coached. I follow the plan’s speed, tempo, and long run workouts, with paces that are best for me. I do whatever I want for my easy runs and strength training. For the first few weeks of this plan I trimmed my long runs to a more manageable mileage for where I was at the time.

In short, this training plan is very much curtailed to me, a somewhat-competitive-but-nowhere-near-elite Masters runner. Not every plan is right for everyone. Check with a coach before starting one.

Week 1 text

January 27 – February 2

Monday: Yoga with Adriene: Wind Down Yoga
As I do every Monday, I started the week off easy. Pretty sure I just did this before bed.

Tuesday: EZ: 4.7 miles @ 9:07 pace /// Upper Body: Fitness Blender’s Bored Easily Workout

Wednesday: Speed: 3 x Harlem Hill @ MP (8.24 miles total) /// Lower Body: 1 set IT Band Strengthening; Fitness Blender’s Glute Activation Workout
Everyone’s favorite: hill repeats on Central Park’s Harlem Hills!

Thursday: Lap swimming (440 yards) /// Upper Body: 20 min. of weights at the gym
Short swim, but better than nothing.

Friday: Tempo: 20 min. @ MP (8.06 miles total) /// Lower Body: 1 set IT Band Strengthening
I like doing one set of this IT Band workout before my lower body strength training. I do the one-legged squats onto a stool and they’re not easy for me!

Saturday: EZ: 5.31 miles @ 9:29 pace

Sunday: Long Run: 11.03 miles @ 9:44 pace

WEEK 1: 37.34 miles

It’s not very high mileage, but this was the highest weekly mileage I had done since the first week of September! As far as my plantar fasciitis, it’s still there but has gotten better – my heels (especially my right) still feel sore every now and then. Sometimes not at all. I’ve upped my cadence and that’s helped. I foam roll and stretch a lot more than I used to. Maybe one day it will completely go away. Until then, I’ve learned to live with it.

Week 2 coming very soon…

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