2019: The Stats

Hey, it’s still January! So it’s still okay to post about what happened last year!

I wrote a “2018: The Stats” post last year and have been meaning to write a similar one. I got so bogged down in my NYC Marathon recap that I kept putting off writing this post. I don’t know how interesting this stuff is, but why not stick with tradition? Also, I like stats.

I keep track of my activity in a few ways:

  • Garmin: I’ve been using a Garmin Forerunner 630 since late 2017. Every run gets recorded on it. I keep track of shoe mileage and my weight on the app. My watch also tracks my steps and my sleep. I like Garmin.
  • MapMyRun: I starting using this in 2014 and it was how I tracked runs before Garmin. Now it transfers my Garmin data but I don’t use it for much else, except for some stats and occasionally to see what my friend Scott is doing.
  • Strava: I signed up for Strava in 2018 but didn’t pay it much attention until a few months ago. It has much of the same data as MapMyRun but I find it more intuitive, more pleasing to look at, and most of my running friends are on it (not Scott). They give me kudos and that makes me feel good.
  • My own spreadsheet: Since July 2018, I’ve kept track of every run, strength workout, swim, and yoga routine in an Excel spreadsheet. I started doing this after I used the NYRR Virtual Trainer to train for the 2018 NYC Marathon and wanted a place where I could store my records myself, not just rely on a website or app. I really love this method. I make tabs for each training/recovery season and keep track of miles, pace, shoe mileage, strength workouts, swimming, even the weather on the days I run. I just like having all of this info handy. Someday it will turn me into a millionaire. I’m just not sure how.

In 2019, I:

  • took 7,071,814 steps (up from 6,544,751 in 2018!)
  • ran 1533.09 miles (about the distance from NYC to Port-au-Prince, Haiti)
  • burned 155,952 calories running
  • spent 249 hours and 57 minutes running
  • ran 14 races (and PR’d in 4)
  • ran 1 great marathon
  • ran 1 terrible marathon
  • did 98 upper body strength workouts
  • did 63 lower body strength workouts
  • got into a swimming pool 21 times
  • ran on the AlterG 5 times
  • did 45 Yoga with Adriene routinesย 
  • entered a new age group!


Last year, I was able to see how I compared to all other runners on Garmin; this year it looks like you can only compare yourself against specific age groups. So I’ll compare myself against my own.

I still ran father than 99% of them.

2019 Distance Stats W45-49 IMG_3072

I spent more time running than 91% of them.

2019 Duration Stats W45-49 IMG_3073

But 14% are faster than me.

2019 Pace Stats W45-49 IMG_3074

Last year I ran faster than only 80% of my age group. So they’re slowing down, I’m speeding up, or both.

I was curious as to how I stacked up against the fastest age group: 18-24 men. I’m faster than 36% of them. Wow. And I’m… oh god, I just realized this. I’m old enough to be their mom.

2019 Pace to 18-24 Males IMG_3076

Old enough. To be. Their mom.

Anyway, last year that number was 34%. So maybe I’ve gotten slightly faster?

I am going to update this post tomorrow with my sleep and steps, but I had to get this out while it’s still January! So here it is, so far!

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