2019 NYC Marathon Training: Week 16-17 of 17

Here we go. Last two weeks of “training.” I do not under any circumstances recommend doing any of the last few weeks of my “training.” Do not do this and think you are trained to run a marathon. You are not. I was battling plantar fasciitis for the last six weeks and did what I could. At the start of week 16, I honestly wasn’t even sure I was going to run the marathon.

(Spoiler: I did.)

The only reason I ran the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon was because of a visit to an orthopedist the Wednesday before the race. X-rays showed my bones to be fine. The doc confirmed I had a “classic case” of plantar fasciitis and gave me some stretches to do, recommendations for gel heel inserts, and a prescription for an anti-inflammatory that I didn’t ask for but accepted. I also got his blessing to run the marathon. His words, and I quote: “I have no problem with you running the marathon.” That was all I needed to hear. But really, the anti-inflammatory drug was the reason I ran the marathon. Without it, I would never have made it to Staten Island.

I started taking the anti-inflammatory that evening. The next day, on a rainy Halloween morning, I ran six pain-free miles around Central Park. My heels were a little sore the next day while walking so I decided to just lay low on Friday and Saturday, saving up whatever was left in my heels for the race.

I also received some acupuncture treatments during this time.

Honestly, I don’t know what else I could have done. For whatever reason, I really wanted to run this race – even if it meant it wouldn’t be easy, or even a good race. I just desperately wanted to finish it. I promised my body I would rest after I was done. I’m not sure my body cared.

So here are the last two weeks of my “training,” and then I’ll finally get to the marathon recap. It’s just a little late this year.

IMG_0908 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 16

WEEK 16: October 21 – 27

Monday: Yoga with Adriene: Hips & Hamstrings
I got acupuncture this morning.

Tuesday: Pool “running” (15 min.), stationary bike (20 min.) /// Deep water running class (45 min.)
I know I should have done more pool running on my own (which is where you wear a flotation belt and move your knees up and down in place in the deep end of a pool) but… I really hated it. I did not enjoy remaining in place all by myself in a cold pool staring at a clock. It made me sad. The deep water running class was much better.

Wednesday: AlterG Treadmill (46:30, 4.03 miles) /// Deep water running class (45 min.)
At least the AlterG was keeping me moving, even if I was remaining in place. The deep water running class also has you staying in place, but Coach Valentin makes it so fun, I didn’t mind. I really loved this class.

Thursday: Deep water running class (45 min.)
More acupuncture today. Does acupuncture work? Who the hell knows.

Friday: Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Upper Body Strength

Saturday: AlterG Treadmill (46:02, 4.02 miles) /// Freestyle swimming class (45 min.)

Sunday: Fitness Blender: Tank Top Arms

WEEK 16 MILEAGE: 8.05 (all AlterG)


IMG_1500 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 17

WEEK 17: October 28 – November 2

Monday: Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Tension Relief

Tuesday: Deep water running class (45 min.)
This was the last deep water running classes I took before the marathon. I’d taken eight classes in all and even if they weren’t the same as running on the roads, they certainly gave me a good cardio workout.

Wednesday: Fitness Blender: No Equipment Butt & Thigh Workout

Thursday: EZ (6.02 miles @ 9:40 pace)
My first run on the roads in a couple of weeks, blissfully pain-free due to the anti-inflammatory I had started the night before. (Photo above from after the run. It was drizzling and I did not care.)

Friday: Yoga with Adriene: Yoga to Slow Your Roll

Saturday: Freestyle swimming class (45 min.)
No running the day before the race like I normally do. I had a feeling I was not well-prepared for this race at all but I was going to do it anyway.

Recap coming next.


3 thoughts on “2019 NYC Marathon Training: Week 16-17 of 17

  1. I am so sorry you had to deal with plantar fasciitis during marathon training. I had it years ago and it was awful. It persisted for so long that once it was gone, I had phantom pain! I hope it has cleared up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks and yes it sucks! I still have some soreness in my right heel but it’s gotten better. I no longer feel heel pain when I run, only if I press into it with my fingers or stretch it a lot. I’ve been running at a higher cadence lately so I’m more midfoot striking and avoiding my heels, which helps. If anything, it’s my calves that are now super sore after I run. Maybe one day I’ll be able to run with no issues!!!


  2. Your honest running recaps are refreshing! I also have dealt with plantar fasciitis, and after that I dealt with calf pain in the same leg. The psychological impact of a running injury might be even worse than the injury itself! Now, I am basically starting fresh with a beginner’s mindset: Just building up distance by 10% or less per week, and focusing on the joy of each run so I don’t overdo it and hurt myself again. It’s so cool that you’ve been able to keep running and get past your issues! Thanks for sharing your training with us.

    Liked by 1 person

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