2019 NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 13-15 of 17

I have been dragging my heels getting the last of these training posts up! Wait, is this why my heels have been sore? I’ll knock out these last training posts so I can finally get to my marathon recap, which is already long overdue. I swear it will be done by Christmas. No, Christmas Eve.

Once again, for the sake of being a completist, I will write out my workouts and link to anything I can. This schedule is not what I would recommend at all for marathon training, but it was all I could do given the situation. I really, really wanted to run this marathon.

IMG_0781 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 13

WEEK 13: September 30 – October 6

Monday: Fitness Blender: Squats & Deadlifts
Love this lower body workout.

Tuesday: EZ (3.21 miles @ 9:45 pace)
I ran this hesitantly at first but felt minimal heel pain. I kept it short on purpose.

Wednesday: Intervals (7 miles total w/ 3 x 1600 @ MP)
The last time I would run with the Harriers this season. I ran with two new people and felt pretty good. My heels didn’t bother me much, so it worked out. I thought maybe it was fading and I’d be better soon.

ThursdayFitness Blender: Get Strong
Day off from running and upper body workout.

Friday: Tempo (6.75 miles total w/ 5.5M @ MP)
This was the run that changed everything. At first, my heels felt… okay. Not perfect, and the right one was slightly worse. I ran with plantar fasciitis inserts. This meant my arches were slamming against the raised supports of the inserts the whole time. This wasn’t comfortable and now I feel foolish, like I shouldn’t have run with them. So much of this period of training was guesswork. I got through five miles of this otherwise decent marathon pace tempo run and then my right foot started aching like crazy. I had to stop and limp over a mile home from the Hudson River path. I knew I was fucked.

Saturday: Fitness Blender: Ultimate Butt & Thigh Workout
Still limping. I was supposed to run Grete’s Great Gallop today. I hadn’t even planned on racing it – I was going to jog it with a friend doing her first 10K. I was so bummed. I did strength training instead.

Sunday: Walked/jogged stairs (30 min.)
It occurred to me that going up and down stairs didn’t involve my heels at all so I decided to run up and down a long set of stairs in Morningside Park today. I probably should have just taken the day off but I felt desperate to “keep up” with my training. I was supposed to have done a long run today. I could feel my marathon plans slipping away.

WEEK 13 MILEAGE: 16.96


IMG_0872 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 14

WEEK 14: October 7 – October 13

Monday: Yoga with Adriene: Wind Down Yoga
I needed a day off, which meant an easy yoga day. (All the yoga I do is super easy. I still cannot do a headstand nor do I even want to.)

Tuesday: Fitness Blender: Upper Body Bored Easily
Still too sore to run and my calves were sore from all the stairs.

Wednesday: AlterG Treadmill (30 min. / 2.44 miles) /// Deep water running class (45 min.)
My first time on the AlterG! (Pic above is from this workout.) I was excited to be on it. The mileage on the AlterG is approximate – it’s what my Garmin says but who knows. I mostly went by time. I was at 70% body weight so it felt like I was flying. It felt good to run again, even if it wasn’t real running.

ThursdayElliptical (30 min.)
I signed up to become a member of the NYC Recreation Centers so I could have an easy and affordable place to swim, as I knew I’d be doing some of that soon. Today I just tried out the elliptical machine. It was cool to move my body, but honestly, I hate the elliptical. I hate being stationary. I like moving forward. I did it anyway. I tried to keep it interesting by getting faster as I went.

Friday: AlterG Treadmill (30 min. / 2.58 miles)
Another half hour on the AlterG. Still fun, but I really missed actual running.

Saturday: Freestyle swimming class (45 min.)
This was my first of six classes in freestyle swimming and I really enjoyed it. I’ll probably write more about this class in a blog post. I knew how to swim in terms of treading water but I wanted to learn how to properly swim so I could, you know, swim and not feel like an idiot.

Sunday: EZ run/walk (11.35 miles @ 14:55 pace)
I wanted time on my feet today, whether that meant jogging or walking. So I did a little of both on Central Park’s soft bridle path. My heels were still sore. I tried running a mile or two and then walking for a few minutes, and doing that for about three hours. I still don’t know if this was a smart thing to do. Sometimes I wish I had a coach.

WEEK 14 MILEAGE: 16.37


IMG_1159 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 15

WEEK 15: October 14 – October 20

Monday: Yoga with Adriene: Runners Yoga
Day off. This is a good yoga routine for stretching the hips and glutes.

Tuesday: AlterG Treadmill (48 min. / 4 miles) /// Deep water running class (45 min.)
At this point, the AlterG was losing its luster. I missed running. Still, I was on there for 48 minutes. And I took my first Deep Water Running class. This was so much fun and a great workout! Again, I think I’ll write more about swimming in another blog post.

Wednesday: EZ (5.51 miles @ 10:58 pace) /// Deep water running class (45 min.)
So desperate to run. My heels were still a little sore but I tried landing more on my forefeet, something you can’t really force. I kept it slow. Ugh.

ThursdayFitness Blender: Kelli’s Upper Body Superset /// Deep water running class (45 min.)
Upper body and another class in the pool.

Friday: Fitness Blender: Build a Booty
I couldn’t run. I just worked out my legs.

Saturday: Freestyle swimming class (45 min.)
Second freestyle swim class.

Sunday: Long run (13.51 miles @ 9:52 pace)
Here was my last real chance to do a long run. I tried. My heels – mostly my right, still – were sore. Running did not feel good. I ran anyway. I just fought through it. I wasn’t sure how long I’d go. By the time I was in mile 11 or 12, my gait had changed so I was landing differently on each foot and I just had to stop. What a goddamn disaster this training had become. (Pic above is from this day where I tried to find a reason to smile. I was wearing new shoes, which I loved, so there was that.)

WEEK 15 MILEAGE: 23.03

The last two weeks of training to come. SOON.

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    1. Ha ha people keep warning me I’m going to start doing triathlons but honestly I’m too scared to ride a bike in NYC. I swear I need to finish this dumb training log and I am going to do it soon. 🙂

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