2019 NYC Marathon Training: Week 9 of 17

Week 9! I’m cranking all of these out way too late, but better late than never? I guess?

I have been following the 17-week marathon training plan of my awesome running club the New York Harriers, but I’m choosing my mileage based on how I feel, as well as my own strength training. Beginning in week 11, much of the plan will be thrown out the window. I’m really behind with updating this blog.

Week 9 was one of my last good weeks. It culminated with the 5th Avenue Mile on Sunday where I ran a course PR. I’ll write that short race recap next.

IMG_1043 2019 NYC Marathon Training Week 9

WEEK 9: September 2 – 8

Monday: Yoga (Yoga with Adriene: Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch)
I thought I’d be ambitious and do a total body yoga routine, only I must have stretched a little too hard during one move (maybe the one where you sit up with your legs spread open and reach toward your toes, which I can never reach) because my lower back was sore for about a week after this.

Tuesday: Yoga (Yoga with Adriene: Yoga for Hips & Lower Back Release)
In fact, my lower back was so sore from yesterday’s yoga that I skipped running altogether today and did… more yoga. Sometimes I really hate yoga. Like, it’s good, but also, I hate it? I actually get angry at the yoga videos as I do them.

Wednesday: Intervals (10 miles total w/ 8 x 400, 4 x 200) /// Lower body strength (Fitness Blender Butt & Thigh Workout)
Did this intervals workout with the Harriers and then a few more miles on my own to reach a total of 10. It was super humid but we got through it.

Thursday: EZ (7.04 miles @ 9:42 pace) /// Upper body strength (Fitness Blender: Tank Top Arms)
A little faster than my normal easy pace but was feeling good today.

Friday: Tempo (9.03 miles total w/ 5M @ MP) /// Lower body strength (Fitness Blender: Squats & Deadlifts)
I averaged 8:19 pace for the 5 mile tempo, which is slightly slower than I’d wanted for marathon pace. This one felt hard. I followed it up with some squats & deadlifts to make this hard day even harder.

Saturday: EZ (2.09 miles @ 9:53 pace) /// Upper body strength (Fitness Blender: Bored Easily)
Easy and short run the day before the 5th Avenue Mile (and a long run). This probably could have been longer but I was trying to keep my overall mileage to about 40 this week.

Sunday: Race – 5th Avenue Mile @ 6:39 pace /// EZ 11.71 miles @ 10:09 pace
Recap coming next!

WEEK 9 MILEAGE:  40.87

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